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Cardano Foundation Mints World’s First NFTA on Cardano to Celebrate Newly Launched Developer Portal

Cardano ecosystem continues to record developments. The Cardano Developer portal is now live. It’s designed to serve as direction for experienced and intending developers.

This new development was announced a couple of hours ago via a series of tweets by the Cardano Foundation. According to the report, the initiative will make building on the Cardano blockchain easier with brand-new content and resources.

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The Foundation added that this new feat is being celebrated by minting the world’s first NFTA on the emerging smart contract platform.

Cardano Foundation tweeted, “The Cardano Developer Portal is live! To celebrate, we minted the world’s first NFTA on the Cardano blockchain. Building on Cardano is now easier with brand new content and resources. Get in and make the portal yours too!”

According to the report, the Cardano Development portal comes with a number of features to make building on the blockchain simple for interested developers.

Through the Developer portal, users can learn how to integrate Cardano (ADA) and also explore Cardano wallets. They can also discover native tokens, understand ways to fund their projects, and learn how to build with transaction metadata.

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Cardano Foundation shared in a series of tweets as follows:

Get started – an overview of Cardano, the components, discover builder tools, learn technical concepts and connect to the developer community.

Integrate Cardano – Explore Cardano Wallets and learn how to integrate Cardano into applications and websites.

Operate a Stake Pool – learn what it takes to become a stake pool operator from a technical and marketing perspective.

Discover Native Tokens – Read what native tokens are, how to mint them, ways to create NFTs and why you don’t need smart contracts for all this.


Fund your Project – Understand Project Catalyst and how you can use it to fund your projects if you build on Cardano.

Build with Transaction Metadata – Learn what transaction metadata is, how to add it to a transaction, how to view the metadata and what potential use cases are.

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