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Cardano Completes Parameter Upgrade, Takes Network To New Era. Here’s Why This Is Important

Input Output Global (IOG), the software firm behind the development of Cardano (ADA), has announced that the Parameter update on the Cardano network is now officially complete.

In a series of tweets a few hours ago, IOG stated that an update proposal, which was submitted before the weekend, will activate the much-anticipated increase in per-block Plutus script memory units limit from 56M to 62M.

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This is said to be effective on Cardano mainnet at epoch boundary 328, which is approximately at 21:44:51 UTC on 21st March 2022.

IOG tweeted, “PARAMETER UPDATE: Today, an update proposal (submitted before the weekend) will trigger an increase in per-block Plutus script memory units limit from 56M > 62M. This change will take effect on Cardano mainnet at epoch boundary 328 today, 21 March at UTC 21:44:51.”

Why the Update Is Important to Cardano Network

According to the report, this recent adjustment is the latest among lots of preplanned optimizations that are targeted at improving Cardano network activity in 2022.

This adjustment and the subsequent ones are needed to boost the user experience as the Cardano network continues to see phenomenal growth.

In a series of tweets, IOG wrote:

“This incremental adjustment is the latest in a continuing series of optimizations and increases to network capacity that are being made as Cardano continues to scale in 2022 for future growth.

“Once deployed, we’ll monitor carefully for at least one epoch (5 days) before assessing any further adjustment. Continued observation & orientation guided by real-world usage is key to growing Cardano capacity safely & securely to keep pace with a blossoming ecosystem.

“Cardano has seen phenomenal growth in recent months. With significant further growth expected – we’re continuing to steadily optimize the Cardano network as we grow.

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“With the arrival of many new DeFi projects on Cardano over the weeks and months ahead, users should expect high volumes of network traffic. This may be significant at peak times around launches and large NFT drops.


“While users may occasionally experience delays in transactions going through, the Cardano network has been designed to operate safely at high load & throughput will steadily improve as the network continues to be optimized.

“Cardano is one of the world’s most decentralized blockchains built for correctness & security. As the ecosystem grows, we’re now focused on delivering the scaling phase of its roadmap; improving speed and network capacity while maintaining security and decentralization.”

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