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Can Shiba Inu Hit $0.02? Crypto Platform Predicts SHIB Price For 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Shiba Inu appears poised to delete a zero in its market value after attaining a $0.00000951 price on November 11. Overall, the crypto asset, just like every other digital asset, appears to be printing impressive market statistics, boosting the hope of reaching 2 Cents in the long run.

Amid the speculations of SHIB’s potential achievement of the 2-cent price level, Telegaon, an analytics company dedicated to analyzing the potential of cryptocurrencies, waded into the SHIB price debate. 

Meanwhile, before delving into details, it is worth noting that $0.02 is the dollar equivalent of 2 cents, and these values could be used interchangeably in this piece.

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A Brief Overview of Telegaon’s SHIB Price Predictions

According to Telegaon, SHIB’s long-term price projection, the digital asset was earmarked to be one of the most successful meme coins, having surged by about 15,766,495.14% since it was launched in 2021.

In addition, SHIB was considered a meme token with real value, having been adopted by major companies worldwide and scoring listings on globally recognized crypto exchanges. 

Delving into Telegaon’s predictions, SHIB’s maximum and minimum prices by the end of 2023 are projected to be $0.0000316 and $0.0000122, respectively. The prediction indicates that SHIB will delete a zero before this year runs out.

Telegaon predicted impressive prices for SHIB for subsequent years, but none could match up to 2 cents. The closest to the widely speculated $0.02 price target was in 2030 when SHIB was projected at minimum and maximum prices of $0.000593 and $0.000712, respectively.

Meanwhile, the projected maximum prices for SHIB beyond 2040 and 2050 stood at expenses well above the $0.02 price level. The highest price in 2040 was fixed at $0.089, while that for 2050 was $1.06.

Can Shiba Inu Hit $0.02? Crypto Platform Predicts SHIB Price For 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050
Source: Telegaon

The trends of prices highlighted above are testimonies that SHIB could be heading towards becoming an option for long-term investment. It is left to see what the future has in stock for the token.

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Implications Of SHIB Attaining A $0.02 Price Level 

Shiba Inu achieving a price mark of $0.02 would imply a spike of about 223,363.7% from the token’s current selling price of $0.00000895. The percentage increase in price could be an attractive business for investors willing to take the risk in anticipation of SHIB’s potential ascent.

Meanwhile, SHIB’s other relevant market statistics on CoinGecko revealed the digital asset market cap and trading volume to be $5,308,189,545 and $316,442,673, respectively.

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