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Can MoonBag Presale Overshadow Crypto Stalwarts Like Toncoin and Litecoin?

Can you imagine snapping a big bag of crypto coins in cycle one of the trading chart? Incredible, right? What if you were to know that you can get in the race before even the exchange trading begins? MoonBag (MBAG) has filled the air with excitement and frenzy with its impressive presale.

The presale starts at $0.00002 per $MBAG coin. The cost will increase over successive stages, so the best way to snag a bag is in the first stage. This offering creates a unique opportunity for many who might have missed the old Bitcoin (BTC) contenders like Litecoin (LTC), which has gained minimal steam during the current crypto bull market trend. Another contender in this space is Toncoin (TON) which has made significant gains for its investors, but one might wonder if there is much more upside for later-stage investors now. You are not completely out of luck here as MoonBag $MBAG coin presale presents a big opportunity to dip your toes into the bull trend. Make sure you don’t miss out on the presale.

Can MoonBag Presale Overshadow Crypto Stalwarts Like Toncoin and Litecoin?

How Does MoonBag Stack Up Against Toncoin?

Toncoin and MoonBag differ in many ways regarding their use and infrastructure. Toncoin was made to cater to a specific use case while MoonBag is built over Ethereum Blockchain which is an established and highly secure blockchain to build over.

MoonBag caters to a wide variety of use cases such as gamification, tokenization, scalability, and staking (that too during the presale stages). Yes, you heard it correctly. The coin is offering a staggering 88% APY upon stacking your coins. Another benefit is MoonBag’s team coins being locked for the longevity of the project, and there will be a set portion of presale capped at 20% of the total funds raised to provide liquidity for the exchange launch. The project is designed to benefit early investors heavily in all cases.

How Does MoonBag Compare to Litecoin?

Litecoin was launched in the early days of the cryptocurrency revolution. While it had many benefits at the time, it has not been updated over time to compete with the new tech on the market. The coin has not seen much uptick in the last two quarters, and there is not much action going on right now either.

This is where MoonBag comes in and steals the show. MoonBag fills many of the gaps left behind by other coins and offers an all-encompassing solution. It offers stacking which will help you increase the number of coins you hold if you lock them up. It also allows interoperability with other networks and coins. MoonBag coin will also benefit from the many new upgrades queued up for Ethereum 2.0. The hype for many of these old competitors has lost momentum while MoonBag is just about to rev up its engines. The upside for MoonBag investors is going to be astronomical.

What Does MoonBag Presale Bring to the Table?

The MoonBag presale is structured to give immense value to early-stage investors while also protecting them to offer sustainable liquidity in exchange launches. Let’s discuss how that is achieved. MoonBag presale will be protected by an audited smart contract that anyone can see.

This contract will bind and ensure all the distribution and functions of the coins as promised in the whitepaper. The contract will automatically lock up 20% of the funds for exchange launch liquidity. The founders and team’s coins will be locked for a specified period. The presale itself began at 0.00002$ per coin offering a staggering ROI of 15000% for the very early-stage investors. So buckle up, astronauts.


MoonBag offers those who might have missed out on many early-stage opportunities to sit at the front end of this one while benefiting from the cutting-edge technological advancements of the new cryptographic protocols. While Litecoin and Toncoin might have been good opportunities in the past, MoonBag is going to be the future, and the future is now. So buckle up for the presale, and don’t miss out.

Can MoonBag Presale Overshadow Crypto Stalwarts Like Toncoin and Litecoin?

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