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BlockDAG’s Stellar Rise: $48.8M Presale & Celebrity Endorsement Eclipse Ethereum’s Decline And Stellar Remains Stable

The trading volume on Ethereum decentralized exchanges has plummeted from $3.34 billion to just $1.03 billion, indicating a significant downturn. In contrast, the Immutable X price has jumped by 18%, showing an uptick in interest around its NFT offerings. Amid these market shifts, BlockDAG shines brightly with a $48.8M presale and strong support from the notable WEB3 Revolution influencer. This endorsement underscores the potential of BlockDAG’s X1 mining app, suggesting a surge in cryptocurrency activity in 2024, led by such innovative platforms.

Ethereum DEX Volume Indicates Market Trends

The latest data reveals a sharp decrease in activity across Ethereum’s decentralized exchanges. Initially, the volume was $3.34 billion, but it has now fallen sharply to $1.03 billion, a decrease of more than $2 billion. This decline points to reduced transactional activity involving Ethereum on these platforms.

The current MVRV Z-Score stands at 1.63, significantly lower than the bull market peaks of 14.19 in 2017 and 4.76 in 2021. These figures highlight the cyclical behavior of Ethereum DEX volume and its influence on Ethereum’s price movements. The recent drop in trading volume aligns with broader market sentiments and could impact Ethereum’s valuation in the future.

Tracking Immutable X Price Trends in the NFT Sector

Immutable X, recognized for its layer-two NFT scaling solutions on Ethereum, continues to enhance transaction scalability and user experience. This progress has mitigated some of Ethereum’s core limitations, promoting better liquidity and development in the NFT market. The recent 18% rise in Immutable X’s price signals a bullish market trend.

BlockDAG's Stellar Rise: $48.8M Presale & Celebrity Endorsement Eclipse Ethereum's Decline And Stellar Remains Stable

This optimistic trend in Immutable X’s price corresponds with broader market sentiments, evidenced by 25 out of 30 green days in the past month and a position well above its 200-day SMA. This bullish sentiment is also reflected in the current Fear and Greed index, indicating a greed-driven market.

BlockDAG Revolution: Endorsements for Advanced Mining Tech

BlockDAG’s presale momentum continues to grow, driven by the introduction of the X1 miner beta app and the influential Keynote 2 video. These developments have propelled the presale to an impressive $48.8 million, selling 11.4 billion BDAG coins. Available on both Google and Apple stores, the X1 mining app redefines crypto mining by making it accessible to users worldwide.

Crypto influencer WEB3 Revolution has been crucial in promoting BlockDAG’s recent advancements. He has highlighted the innovative aspects of the Keynote 2 video and strongly supported the X1 mining app. His endorsement underlines BlockDAG’s commitment to improving mining efficiency and security with its advanced Directed Acyclic Graph technology. He praised the app for its user-friendly interface and its potential to democratize mining technology, transforming it into a mainstream activity.

WEB3 Revolution’s support also highlights BlockDAG’s innovative low-code, no-code features, which simplify and make the development process quicker and more efficient. This is exciting for both developers and users, as it lowers the technical hurdles to entering the cryptocurrency mining industry.

In Conclusion

As Ethereum DEX volume experiences a sharp decline and Immutable X posts modest gains, BlockDAG emerges prominently with a $48.8M presale, bolstered by endorsements from leading crypto influencers like WEB3 Revolution. These influencers emphasize the innovative nature of BlockDAG’s X1 mining app, positioning it as a key player in the anticipated ‘crypto to explode in 2024’ scene. BlockDAG stands out as a significant entity in the evolving cryptocurrency market.

BlockDAG's Stellar Rise: $48.8M Presale & Celebrity Endorsement Eclipse Ethereum's Decline And Stellar Remains Stable

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