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BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Innovations Propel Presale to $49.5M; Notcoin Volatile as Bitcoin ETFs Achieve Record Inflows

Despite a dramatic 302% gain, Notcoin faces instability due to profit-taking. On the other hand, Bitcoin ETFs, led by Fidelity and BlackRock, see strong investor confidence with substantial inflows. Meanwhile, BlockDAG‘s Keynote 2 continues to take the crypto market by storm for the groundbreaking advancements such as the unique PoW-DAG hybrid approach revealed in the video. The keynote’s success has added to the presale’s impressive growth, as it sees a 1120% increase since its initial batch, raising $49.5 million.

Notcoin Faces Instability Amid Profit-Taking  

Crypto’s viral meme coin, Notcoin, is back in the red after a recent rally. Sellers are trimming the 302% gain, leaving bulls struggling. The token has seen a 120% increase in value recently, but it has also experienced a 12% decline. Before the correction, Notcoin surged to a new all-time high of $0.02836. Investors who bought at a low of $0.004611 are up more than 300%.

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Innovations Propel Presale to $49.5M; Notcoin Volatile as Bitcoin ETFs Achieve Record Inflows

Profit-taking is causing market instability, with early investors cashing out profits. Amid the volatility, Notcoin hovered at $0.02116. The technical structure hints at the downtrend continuing. Investors seem to have turned to more established meme coins, which spiked in double digits. Floki hit a new all-time high, sustaining a 17% surge. A rebound from the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level could renew interest in Notcoin, potentially pushing it to a new high above $0.03. However, declines may increase if sellers push below this level.

Bitcoin ETFs See Record Inflows  

Farside data indicates that Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experienced substantial inflows of $488.1 million recently, marking 17 consecutive trading days of inflows and tying the record for the longest streak. Over the past two days, inflows have surged to $1.4 billion.

Leading the inflows was Fidelity’s FBTC with $220.6 million, bringing its total net inflow to $9.6 billion. BlackRock’s IBIT ETF followed with $155.4 million, reaching a total inflow of $17.1 billion. ARK’s ARKB ETF saw $71.4 million in inflows, increasing its total to $2.7 billion, while Bitwise’s BITB ETF recorded an $18.5 million inflow, reaching a total of $2.1 billion. Despite an inflow of $14.6 million, Grayscale’s GBTC continues to face a total net outflow of $17.9 billion. Overall, Bitcoin ETFs have seen cumulative inflows totaling $15.3 billion.

BlockDAG Keynote 2 Fuels Significant Market Growth

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 has boosted interest in the project by presenting several significant technological advancements. The keynote, streamed from the ‘moon’, showcased BlockDAG’s unique method that combines a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism with a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure. This mix eliminates slow processing times by letting many transactions confirm at once and making things scale up a lot. The DAG Formation algorithm and a Low Code/No Code approach further simplify development, enabling more people to participate and innovate.

The keynote also highlighted the extensive development updates that are released on a daily basis by BlockDAG. These ‘Dev Updates’, detail daily progress and released weekly, demonstrate BlockDAG’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

Earlier BlockDAG had shared more technical details regarding its project in its Whitepaper V2. The Dagpaper introduced efficient transaction processing, boasting speeds of up to 15,000 transactions per second (TPS). Fast processing and cheap fees make users happy and facilitate a high volume of transactions efficiently. BlockDAG’s robust security and swift transaction ensure security against malicious activities.

All these developments and BlockDAG’s innovative tech has led to significant growth in the presale, raising over $49.5 million. Starting at Batch 1 with a price of $0.001, the BlockDAG presale has now advanced to Batch 18, priced at $0.0122, reflecting an impressive growth of 1120%. The presale’s success highlights BlockDAG’s increasing market influence as it attracts new investors.

Final Thoughts

As Notcoin struggles due to Profit-taking and Bitcoin ETFs, led by Fidelity and BlackRock, see record inflows, indicating long-term stability, BlockDAG stands out with its cutting-edge technology and impressive market performance. The presale success, raising over $500,000 daily and collecting $49.5 million in under 18 batches, highlights BlockDAG’s growing influence. Its unique hybrid PoW-DAG approach and rapid transaction processing position it for significant gains.

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Innovations Propel Presale to $49.5M; Notcoin Volatile as Bitcoin ETFs Achieve Record Inflows
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