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BlockDAG Wins Influencer Endorsement, Presale Hits $50.9M Amid XRP’s Imminent ETF and Fantom’s Rise

Ripple President Monica Long predicts the certain arrival of an XRP ETF, highlighting the growing interest from institutions due to tokenized assets. Simultaneously, Fantom (FTM) is showing signs of a strong mid-term uptrend, according to current technical analysis.

At the same time, BlockDAG (BDAG) has seen its presale numbers skyrocket, fueled by cutting-edge technology and the support of influential figures in the cryptocurrency world. This momentum has driven BlockDAG’s presale to a remarkable $50.9 million, distinguishing it as a leading altcoin for June 2024 with its innovative technology and robust community support.

Ripple’s Leader Foresees Inevitable XRP ETF

Monica Long, Ripple President, states an XRP ETF is on the horizon, driven by strong trading volumes and a substantial market cap that are increasing institutional interest. In her discussion on CNBC, Long emphasized the importance of regulatory clarity in the US and the transformative potential of an XRP ETF.

BlockDAG Wins Influencer Endorsement, Presale Hits $50.9M Amid XRP’s Imminent ETF and Fantom’s Rise

She also noted that the rise of tokenized assets and existing Bitcoin ETFs are enticing more institutional players to the cryptocurrency scene. Following Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s projection of an XRP ETF by 2025, Long also unveiled plans for a stablecoin project expected to debut by the end of 2024, further cementing XRP’s role as a pivotal bridge asset.

Fantom’s Price Outlook: Bullish Amid Positive Netflows

An Fantom (FTM) analysis suggests a potential rise, backed by net exchange outflows that signal investor confidence and a reduction in available trading supply. Positioned above the Ichimoku cloud’s baseline, Fantom is targeting potential highs of $0.88 and $0.97.

Support might stabilize around $0.73 or $0.647 if it dips below the cloud. An upward-trending RSI near 60 suggests strengthening bullish momentum. Negative netflows indicate a trend towards long-term holding, supporting a healthy upward trajectory. Monitoring the Ichimoku cloud is crucial as it acts as support and resistance, with a retreat to the cloud possibly indicating a bearish shift.

Influential Crypto Guru Boosts BlockDAG’s Profile

BlockDAG’s recent surge in presale numbers has been significantly boosted by endorsements from high-profile crypto experts. These endorsements have drawn a large audience, achieving impressive presale. Recently, renowned CryptoTrainer highlighted BlockDAG as a top investment, pointing out its advanced layer 1 blockchain technology, proof of work algorithm, DAG structure, and the insightful Keynote video, symbolically set on the moon.

BlockDAG’s tech advancements include implementing a Detailed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure, which significantly scales the network by enabling simultaneous transaction processing. This boosts the transactions per second (TPS), decreases latency, and increases throughput.

Additionally, BlockDAG merges Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus with the DAG structure to enhance security. Transactions are validated through cryptographic puzzles, and the collective PoW approach complicates any attempts by malicious actors to alter transaction history. This dual approach effectively combats double-spending and maintains transaction integrity, ensuring a secure and reliable network.

This enthusiastic endorsement by CryptoTrainer has dramatically elevated BlockDAG’s presale totals to $50.9 million. The platform has progressed to Batch 18, with 11.6 billion coins sold, highlighting strong market traction and community support.


As anticipation builds for an XRP ETF and Fantom’s bullish price projections, BlockDAG’s stellar presale performance, spurred by key endorsements, solidifies its position in the crypto sphere. With its innovative proof-of-work mechanism and DAG structure, BlockDAG stands as a premier layer 1 cryptocurrency. Influential endorsements have supercharged its presale efforts, now amassing $50.9 million.

As BlockDAG continues to draw in a vast user base and solid community involvement, it stakes its claim as the top altcoin for June 2024, illustrating a bright future ahead.

BlockDAG Wins Influencer Endorsement, Presale Hits $50.9M Amid XRP’s Imminent ETF and Fantom’s Rise

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