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BlockDAG Rises by 1120% Post Viral Influencer Endorsements as Litecoin Struggles & Polygon Acquires Toposware

In recent news, top cryptocurrency influencers like Oscar Ramos have endorsed BlockDAG’s technological superiority and ROI capabilities. After three smash-hit global hotspot appearances and the launch of an unforgettable moon-themed Keynote, BlockDAG has brought home a record-breaking 1120% ROI for early investors. Currently selling fast at $0.0122 in presale batch 18, the price of one BDAG coin is estimated to reach $1 in 2024. Meanwhile, Polygon (MATIC) news announces acquisition of Toposware, and Litecoin (LTC) holders maintain caution as LTC struggles to breach resistance.

Polygon’s Acquisition of Toposware

Recent Polygon (MATIC) news reveals a $30 million acquisition of research firm Toposware. Before Toposware, Polygon had invested in two other ZK startups, totaling its investments to over $1 billion. The incorporation of ZK technology will boost scalability, improve privacy, and enhance transaction validation in Polygon’s platform. This strategic move has triggered a bullish sentiment for MATIC, with some analysts predicting Polygon’s potential ascension from $0.7809 to $0.9803 in the coming months. Others speculate a possible dip to $0.5089 by the end of this year, causing investors to remain cautious.

BlockDAG Rises by 1120% Post Viral Influencer Endorsements as Litecoin Struggles & Polygon Acquires Toposware

LTC Fails to Breach Resistance

Uncertainty spreads like wildfire among Litecoin holders as LTC struggles to breach the $90 resistance level. Despite enjoying a bullish month with a notable 6% surge and crossing the $80 threshold, Litecoin’s momentum abruptly halted, leaving the cryptocurrency in a consolidation phase around $84.

Recent data from CoinMarketCap indicates a significant 10% increase in LTC’s trading volume just the day before. However, this optimistic trend offers no assurance of stability unless Litecoin manages to overcome the $90 hurdle. This obstacle has already begun to impede Litecoin’s growth, prompting some investors to withdraw their support.

BlockDAG Raises $3M Overnight Post Viral Influencer Endorsements  

Since its inception, BlockDAG has seen significant crypto adoption among analysts, investors, and influencers. After seeing BlockDAG’s historical presale victory, top crypto influencer Oscar Ramos has endorsed BlockDAG for the second time in one month! In his insightful new video, he discusses BlockDAG’s smash-hit presale run, updates on Keynote 2, community engagement initiatives, and ROI-rich future prospects. Starting with BlockDAG’s unprecedented presale success, the crypto has seen a massive 1,120% price surge, rising from $0.001 during presale batch 1 to $0.0122 by batch 18.

Spotlighting the Keynote 2, Ramos marvels at BlockDAG’s X1 Beta App’s release that allows users to mine cryptos straight from their phones. He also touches upon the platform’s blockchain updates such as the Block & DAG algorithm, EVM compatibility, and MetaMask integration. Ramos excitedly talks about BlockDAG’s $2 million giveaway aimed at community expansion and details how the platform’s upcoming Mainnet Launch will mark a new era in the crypto world. This spectacular presentation culminates with Ramos urging his community to join the BDAG revolution!

Aside from powerful influencer endorsements, BlockDAG has also rolled out high-impact global showcases to skyrocket its visibility in the cryptosphere. For starters, the showcase at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing featured BlockDAG’s Keynote 1 and $600 million roadmap for 2024. The mesmerizing event at The Sphere in Las Vegas celebrated BlockDAG’s DAGPaperV2 launch. In London’s Piccadilly Circus, BlockDAG celebrated its CoinMarketCap listing. The greatest and most latest BlockDAG’s event was the release of the Moon Keynote which left influencers, analysts, and investors raving about BlockDAG’s innovation and its ROI capabilities.

Following these events, BlockDAG’s dashboard revealed huge coin purchases, causing the platform to raise $3 million overnight! With over 11.5 billion coins sold, BlockDAG’s presale is rapidly becoming a competitive playground for institutional investors. Notably, the price of one BDAG coin is estimated to rise from the current $0.0122 to $0.05 at launch, $1 in 2024 and $10 in 2025.

That’s A Wrap

From becoming the favorite emerging crypto of top influencers to staging smashing global showcases – BlockDAG’s marketing prowess has brought investors an 1120% ROI across its presale batches. This lightning-fast presale progression has taken investors’ attention away from recent Litecoin and Polygon (MATIC) news. Currently selling super-fast at $0.0122 in batch 18, the price of one BDAG coin is estimated to reach $1 in 2024 and $10 in 2025, making BlockDAG one of the top investment opportunities.

BlockDAG Rises by 1120% Post Viral Influencer Endorsements as Litecoin Struggles & Polygon Acquires Toposware

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