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BlockDAG Coin Skyrockets 1120% After X1 App Beta Release — Can It Beat Pyth & Ondo?

Following the release of the X1 Miner App, BlockDAG experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, with its coin price skyrocketing by 1120% from the initial Batch 1 price. This app, compatible with Android and Apple devices, enables the mobile mining of BlockDAG coins.

Yet, with Pyth price feeds integrating into Aurora Virtual Chains and Ondo’s rising fame, one wonders if BlockDAG’s new app could surpass these contenders. The buzz around the X1 Miner Beta launch indicates it might just revolutionize market dynamics, captivating investors from well-known coins like Pyth and Ondo.

Pyth Price Feeds Enhance Aurora Virtual Chains

Accessible across all Aurora Virtual Chains via Aurora Cloud, Pyth price feeds now provide dApp developers with real-time data enhancements. This integration permits the use of more than 500 live Pyth price feeds, drastically lowering costs and heightening efficiency. The implementation of Pyth price feeds into Aurora Cloud is a significant breakthrough, offering developers uninterrupted access to crucial financial data, thereby bolstering the performance and trustworthiness of their dApps.

BlockDAG Coin Skyrockets 1120% After X1 App Beta Release — Can It Beat Pyth & Ondo?

Surge in Ondo Price Draws Investor

Interest The recent uptick in Ondo’s price has caught the eye of crypto investors seeking profitable opportunities. This jump mirrors wider market movements and a burgeoning interest in emerging cryptocurrencies. Market analysts are watching Ondo’s price closely, expecting considerable growth as the currency gains momentum. The robust market response to Ondo’s recent upsurge reflects a bullish forecast for its investment potential.

BlockDAG Shines with $50.4M Presale Triumph

BlockDAG’s layer 1 technology, which ensures secure mining, smart contract access, and optimized performance, has continued to excel, especially following the X1 Miner App’s Beta launch. Now available on major mobile platforms, the app has wrapped up its Phase 1, covering Wireframe and UI Design, User Onboarding, and Presale features. This beta glimpse hints at the top-tier product poised to amplify user earnings through social invites, setting the stage for a successful mainnet rollout.

Furthermore, the beta version of the X1 Miner App is packed with user-centric innovations designed to simplify the mining process. Soon, the app will expand to include a Wallet, Send/Receive modules, a leaderboard, and a Community Section.

These additions aim to blend daily engagement with proof of engagement, enabling users to mine BDAG coins effortlessly. Designed for energy efficiency, the app ensures that mining activities won’t drain smartphone batteries unduly, making it a convenient option for everyday use.

Moreover, the X1 Miner App’s Beta release has made a significant impact on BlockDAG’s presale, with the coin price reaching $0.0122 by Batch 18 — a striking 1120% leap from Batch 1. This surge in interest and investment has brought BlockDAG a $50.4 million haul so far. The successful presale underscores growing investor confidence and the bright prospects for BlockDAG, propelled by cutting-edge developments like the X1 Miner App.

Final Review

The groundbreaking mobile mining features of the X1 Miner Beta app have significantly enhanced accessibility and efficiency. This innovation has propelled BlockDAG’s standing in the crypto market beyond the updates of Pyth price feeds and the surges in Ondo’s price. With an 1120% increase from its starting price and a presale exceeding $50.4 million, BlockDAG’s achievements underscore its impressive growth and leadership potential in the layer 1 blockchain arena.

BlockDAG Coin Skyrockets 1120% After X1 App Beta Release — Can It Beat Pyth & Ondo?

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