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Bitcoin Halving Potential? Analyst Shares Strategy That Turns $5 Into $130,000

Crypto analyst Plan B and BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes have proposed strategies for maximizing profits in the realm of Bitcoin (BTC), particularly during Bitcoin halving cycles and periods of geopolitical uncertainty.

These approaches aim to provide investors with lucrative opportunities to capitalize on the potential of the flagship crypto.

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Bitcoin Halving Cycles: A Game-Changer for Traders

Plan B has observed that those who engage in trading during Bitcoin halving cycles have historically outperformed those who opt for a simple buy-and-hold approach.

According to his analysis, traders who participate in the market exclusively during the three halving periods, while remaining on the sidelines during other times, could have turned a mere $5 investment into an impressive $130,000. In stark contrast, those who adopted the buy-and-hold strategy would have seen returns of only $37,000.

The Bitcoin halving, which takes place approximately every four years, slashes the rate of new BTC issuance by 50%. This sudden scarcity creates an ideal window of opportunity for savvy investors to reap significant returns from Bitcoin.

Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow model suggests that traders should acquire Bitcoin six months prior to the halving event and sell it 18 months afterward. By aligning with Bitcoin’s cyclical patterns, this strategy aims to capture substantial price increases during the halving period while evading subsequent bear markets.

Geopolitical Uncertainty: A Catalyst for Bitcoin

In addition to Bitcoin halving cycles, Arthur Hayes highlights the potential for profit during times of geopolitical turmoil. He suggests that purchasing Bitcoin amidst geopolitical uncertainty and conflicts can be a strategic move.

Hayes points out that Bitcoin has consistently outperformed traditional assets, such as long-term US Treasury bonds, during events like the Ukraine-Russia war and the Hamas-Israel conflict.

For instance, since the outbreak of the Palestine conflict, Bitcoin’s price has surged by 26%, while TLT (the long-term US Treasury bond ETF) has only experienced a modest 3% increase.

Hayes attributes Bitcoin’s superior performance during these periods to its scarcity and growing reputation as a safe-haven asset. Notably, Bitcoin operates independently of government or central bank control, making it an appealing investment for individuals seeking refuge from geopolitical turbulence.

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Profit-Making Insights: A Winning Strategy?

Plan B and Hayes’s perspectives offer valuable insights for crypto traders looking to make profitable investments. Plan B’s focus on Bitcoin halving cycles underscores the potential for significant returns during these specific periods, while Hayes’s emphasis on Bitcoin’s performance during geopolitical uncertainty highlights its potential as a hedge against such risks.


It is crucial to acknowledge that these perspectives are based on historical data, and there is no guarantee that Bitcoin will perform in the same manner during future halving cycles or geopolitical events.

However, their insights can provide traders a useful framework for navigating the ever-evolving crypto market. By understanding Bitcoin’s cyclical patterns and recognizing the opportunities presented by geopolitical unrest, investors can potentially capitalize on the inherent volatility and profitability of the cryptocurrency.

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