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Ben Armstrong (Bitboy): Maybe I’m Wrong About XRP. Maybe Haters Are Right

XRP’s price and poor performance have long been a source of debate and speculation, with passionate supporters holding out hope for a resurgence and vocal critics complaining and abandoning the asset.

Recently, prominent crypto influencer Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto), a staunch advocate for XRP, expressed frustration with the token’s stagnant performance.

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A Long-Standing Frustration

Armstrong has been a vocal supporter of the token for years. However, the recent lack of price movement has shaken his confidence. He openly questioned his convictions in a post on X, writing, “I don’t get it. Why is it not moving? Maybe I’m wrong about it. Maybe the haters are right.”

This sentiment resonates with many XRP holders who have watched rival tokens like Solana and Avalanche soar while XRP stays still. Last month, Solana flipped XRP in the market cap rankings, sending it down to #6, and it hasn’t come back since.

The contrast is particularly stark given Ripple’s three consecutive victories against the SEC, which many believed would pave the way for a sustained XRP price surge.

Can XRP Recover?

Despite his frustration, Armstrong remains optimistic about XRP’s long-term prospects. He believes the current stagnation and doubt from investors could be a sign of impending growth, drawing a parallel to the darkest hour before dawn. He points to the increasing investor skepticism as a potential harbinger of a bullish reversal.

Armstrong believes that XRP is currently at the bottom, and the only way to go is up. He pointed out that seeing other tokens climb 30% while XRP can’t get past 2% has to be its lowest point. He said, “But rest assured fellow Ripple brethren, it is our time. Now is our time.”

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XRP’s Future

There are many developments giving hope to the XRP army. The discussions of an XRP ETF have been rapidly increasing, with major players like BlackRock getting involved as Larry Fink, the CEO recently responded to a question about XRP ETFs.


Furthermore, the lawsuit with the SEC has gone in Ripple’s favor so far, and if the lawsuit ends with Ripple on top, it could send XRP soaring again.

While the future remains somewhat uncertain, Armstrong’s mixed emotions encapsulate the current predicament of XRP. The token’s price action may be lackluster now, but the possibility of a future surge is high, keeping some investors optimistic.

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