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Analysts Highlight Potential High-Flyers: DTX, NEO, and Fantom Tipped as the Next Big Winners in Crypto

Savvy investors are always pursuing attractive contenders in the digital asset space. Amidst this pursuit, analysts have recently spotlighted three promising contenders: DTX Exchange (DTX), NEO, and Fantom (FTM). Are these the best cryptos to invest in now?

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DTX Exchange Presale: Exceeding Expectations, Igniting Investor Interest

DTX Exchange is a comprehensive investment platform tailored for seasoned investors, providing access to a diverse array of financial instruments spanning cryptocurrency, equities, and forex, all conveniently consolidated under one roof.

Setting a high standard for excellence, DTX Exchange (DTX) prioritizes delivering a top-tier trading experience characterized by zero-commission policies, expedited withdrawals, and lightning-fast trade execution. With an unwavering commitment to regulatory standards, the platform ensures a secure and compliant investment environment for its users.

The remarkable success of DTX Exchange’s presale Stage 1, surpassing $120,000, highlights the robust investor interest in the platform. Offering leverage of up to 1000x on a range of assets, including crypto, stocks, and forex, DTX positions itself as a dynamic trading hub and one of the best new ICOs.

Notably, no KYC is required, while strict adherence to international financial regulations further bolsters the platform’s security measures. Priced at $0.02 during the presale stage, with Stage 2 slated at $0.075, DTX is poised for a 275% rise.


NEO 58.05% Surge Triggered by MEV-Free Sidechain Unveiling

In an announcement in Q4 of 2023, Neo founder Da Hongfei unveiled an innovative Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible sidechain designed to shield the Neo ecosystem from Miner Extractable Value (MEV), effectively rendering it MEV-free. This strategic move is poised to not only fortify Neo’s defenses against potential cyber threats but also bolster the security of transactions and user data within the platform.

Reacting to this news, NEO jumped from $8.82 to $13.94 by the end of Q4, indicating a 58.05% jump. However, as Q1 of 2024 unfolded, NEO fluctuated, closing at $16.53 and reaching $18.82 by the second week of April.

Looking ahead, analysts believe that NEO will trade at $22.70 by Q4 2024, marking a 20.62% upturn from $18.82. While this is a promising trajectory for NEO, it doesn’t match up to DTX Exchange’s.

Fantom (FTM) Displays 58.73% Rise Following Legal Action Against Multichain

The Fantom Foundation took legal recourse against the Multichain Foundation in Singapore’s High Court in the first week of March 2024. Their aim? To seek bankruptcy declaration against Multichain in light of the staggering $122 million theft from the Fantom bridge in July 2023.

Within a month of the news, Fantom (FTM) shifted from $0.61 to $1 by the end of March, indicating a 58.73% rise. As Q2 of 2024 began, FTM exhibited fluctuations but managed to rebound and traded at $1.01 by the second week of April.


Looking ahead, analysts project that Fantom price will reach $2.12 by Q4 of 2024, registering a 109.90% upturn from $1.01. Ultimately, Fantom (FTM) is performing well, but it certainly cannot beat DTX as the ideal cryptocurrency for beginners.

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Solomon Odunayo
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