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Analyst Says XRP Has Checked All Boxes For 7,500% Price Rally to $36

XRP, the native token of the XRP Ledger, currently trades below the $0.50 mark amidst a broader bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin’s recent dip to $64,000 has triggered a sell-off across the crypto market, impacting the digital asset significantly.

XRP has dropped over 7.37% this month but has exhibited more resilience compared to other major altcoins like Ethereum and Solana.

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However, some market analysts believe XRP possesses the potential for a significant upswing despite the current market conditions. Tylie Eric, a crypto market analyst, argues that XRP’s historical price movements indicate a recurring pattern that could signal an upcoming price surge.

Analyst Says XRP Has Checked All Boxes For 7,500% Rally to $36

Historical Price Movements and The Elliott Wave Theory

Eric’s analysis focuses on the Elliott Wave Theory, a technical analysis framework that postulates price movements occur in specific wave patterns. When applied to XRP’s historical price chart on a weekly timeframe, Eric identifies a recurring 5-wave Elliott Wave structure. Notably, each completion of this structure has coincided with a substantial price increase for XRP.

For instance, in early 2017, the culmination of the fifth wave led to a price rally that peaked at $0.3988 in May 2017. This upswing, exceeding 7,784%, was followed by a brief consolidation period before another significant surge to $3.31.

XRP’s Potential Trajectory: A Look at the Upcoming Wave

Following the drop from its $3.31 peak, XRP appears to form another 5-wave Elliott Wave structure. Eric suggests that this structure is nearing completion, with the first four waves having unfolded over the past six years. Based on the Elliott Wave theory, his analysis anticipates the fifth wave to trigger another substantial price increase.

Projecting a trajectory similar to the 7,637% surge observed in early 2017, Eric’s analysis suggests a potential price rally for XRP towards $36. It’s noteworthy that Eric isn’t alone in his bullish outlook for XRP. Last year, Times Tabloid reported another analyst, CryptoInsightUK, who projected a price increase of $34 for XRP.

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The Road Ahead for XRP

While Eric’s prediction presents a compelling scenario, it’s crucial to acknowledge the current market climate. In the immediate term, XRP’s primary objective is to reclaim and hold $0.50. Regaining this level could serve as a springboard for a potential rally toward higher price points once the broader market sentiment improves.


It’s important to remember that technical analysis, while valuable, cannot predict the future with absolute certainty. Several factors, including regulatory developments, institutional adoption, and overall market trends, will continue to influence XRP’s price performance.

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