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Analyst: $10,000+ XRP a Logical Conclusion As XRP at $10 Not Enough To Bridge All Money

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, discussions surrounding the potential of XRP, the cryptocurrency closely tied to Ripple, have captured the attention of investors and analysts. Among these conversations, the notion of XRP reaching a staggering price of $10,000 or more persists. However, this isn’t a mere flight of fancy. There is a compelling argument that lends support to this ambitious forecast.

XRP’s Crucial Role in Financial Ecosystem

At its core, XRP was designed with a critical purpose: to serve as a bridge for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). As the world steadily moves towards widespread digital financial systems, the relevance of CBDCs continues to grow.

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This necessitates the presence of a bridge currency that enables efficient and rapid settlements, which is where XRP could unleash its rare use cases.

While there are 100 billion XRP in total supply, it’s important to consider the vast scope of XRP’s role as a bridge currency for global CBDC transactions. This seemingly significant number pales in comparison when tasked with facilitating the entirety of the world’s CBDC-related transactions.

This is the very point a pseudonymous XRP-centric analyst, Lord XRP, attempted to make clear in a tweet on September 2nd.

According to the analyst, XRP was specifically created to serve as a bridge currency for CBDCs. Although XRP currently trades at around $0.5, he said a $10 XRP price won’t be enough to bridge all the available money. This is why he concluded that $10,000 and higher prices are possible when XRP starts to fulfill the purpose of its emergence.

The Need for Higher Liquidity

To handle the immense volume of transactions that accompanies a highly interconnected digital financial system, XRP must possess substantial liquidity. A price point of merely $10 per XRP falls drastically short of providing the necessary liquidity.

However, envisioning a future where XRP is valued at $10,000 or more cultivates an environment where this bridge currency can effectively meet the liquidity demands of a vast and interconnected financial ecosystem.

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Foundationally Grounded Potential

It’s crucial to note that the argument for a $10,000+ XRP isn’t a baseless assumption but instead stems from its fundamental purpose. As countries embrace and experiment with CBDCs, the need for a highly liquid bridge currency grows more pronounced. In this regard, XRP’s unique design and purpose position it as a prime candidate to fulfill this vital role.


According to the analyst in the tweet captioned earlier, amidst the ever-transforming world of digital finance, it would be premature to dismiss the possibility of XRP surpassing the $10,000 mark.

As CBDCs continue to gain traction among the world’s central banks, the demand for a highly liquid bridge currency will intensify. In this context, XRP, with its distinct attributes and purpose, emerges as a compelling contender to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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