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Amount of SHIB Needed to Make $1M, $5M, or $10M If Shiba Inu Revisits $0.00001

The early days of May would go down as the beginning of a major decline in SHIB’s fortune. Records revealed that SHIB declined by 10.67% for three consecutive days, breaking below the $0.00001 price mark. 

Since falling below the $0.00001 market value, Shiba Inu seemed to find it difficult to reclaim this height, creating uncertainty among potential investors who may want to invest in the project. 

However, despite the bearish trend that appears to be associated with the Shiba Inu ecosystem, some SHIB proponents remain unperturbed, as they prefer looking at the positive sides of the Shiba Inu situation.

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What Could Be The Positive Angle To Shiba Inu’s Present Situation? 

For every crypto project with expectant rewards in the form of profits, the best part of delving into such projects is amassing the tokens involved at a discounted price, and this is what Shiba Inu appears to be offering investors presently with hopes that it turns out to present a reasonable return on investment (ROI).

Notably, records also disclosed that over one trillion SHIB tokens got stacked up by investors, and the SHIB tokens accumulation surged, particularly when the token plunged to a yearly low of about $0.00000543 on June 10. 

Judging based on SHIB’s market trends, the dog-themed crypto asset is not likely to reclaim the $0.00001 price high any time soon, but it remains feasible as anything can happen to turn the prevailing situation positively. 

In light of a potential $0.00001 price ascent for SHIB, TimesTabloid has analyzed how much must be invested based on SHIB’s current price to attain millionaire status in Shiba Inu. 

Investments Requirement To Achieve $1M, $5M $10M In Shiba Inu 

As of the time of filing this report, Shiba Inu’s worth was about $0.00000845, and we will run our mathematical analysis based on the current price.

To earn a million dollars once SHIB attains the $0.00001 price level, one must have stacked up 100 billion Shiba Inu tokens. Purchasing 100 billion SHIB coins at its current price would require an investment capital of $845,000.

For a potential $5 million earning from Shiba Inu attaining a $0.00001 price mark, 500 billion Shiba Inu tokens valued at $4.23 million, based on the token’s present price, must be locked up by any prospective investor that wishes to attain a $5 million level in Shiba Inu.

Finally, a $10 million potential earnings will cost 2× everything incurred in the $5 million potential profits discussed above. One trillion SHIB coins will be valued at approximately $8.45 million.

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Purchasing Shiba Inu At Its June 10 Price Low Of About $0.00000543

A $1 million possible earnings that require stacking up 100 billion SHIB coins would have been valued at $543,000, implying that one could have saved a potential $302,000. 

For the $5 million potential profits, 500 billion Shiba Inu tokens would have cost $2.715 million, approximately $1.51 million less than the amount required to purchase these tokens at their current prices.


Meanwhile, the $10 million potential gains would have cost an investment capital of  $5.43 million, $3.02 million less than the earlier estimated cost, 

Shiba Inu’s Market Trends: Any Hope For Recovery? 

Shiba Inu’s current price of $0.00000845 indicates that the token might soon break the resistance at $0.00000850 while aiming for the $0.000009 price level. As of press time, Shiba Inu seemed to have ascended to 15th position on CoinGecko’s cryptocurrencies market caps ranking.

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