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All You Need To Know About Big Eyes (BIG) and Why You May Rue Missing Out on Its Presale

The buzz and hype around having a new cryptocurrency in the coin market can’t be eradicated. While some of this buzz is self-created by the developing team aiming to create FOMO by shelling a project, some are natural, based on analysts’ views and enthusiasts’ optimism about the project.

Big eyes (BIG) look more like the latter than the former. Much marketing efforts haven’t been noticed on the part of the developing team, but the new cryptocurrency is becoming the most talked about on various crypto blogs and Reddit crypto forums. Thus, we review what you need to know about this popular new cryptocurrency and why missing out on its presale stages could be a decision to forget.

What is Big Eyes (BIG)?

Big eyes (BIG) is a community-centered project that aims to improve the profitability of the DeFi ecosystem by providing users and community members wealth-generating opportunities while giving back to the world’s ecosystem through charity.

The project aims to increase the 1% statistics of active DeFi users by making it more accessible and seamless for others to explore the opportunities in the space by creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) called Big eyes Swap and tutorials (how-tos) that can simplify the process. Below are things you should know about Big eyes (BIG):

It’s a Meme Coin

It’s uncommon for meme coins to have strong DeFi application/utility, but Big eyes (BIG) is one of the few. According to the project’s whitepaper, “Big eyes aims to give more by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that self-propagates maximum user growth that makes joining the ecosystem worthwhile. It is a cat-themed meme coin and could ride on its uniqueness in the market to enjoy a successful market run.

It boasts top-notch developers

Big eyes (BIG) is a project with top-notch developers. The developers are dedicated to seeing it succeed, and they leverage community strength to achieve this feat. Having great and dedicated developers behind a crypto project is one important feature that contributes to market success and the adoption potential of a token. Big eyes have proven not to be lacking in this area, making it a good project to consider in the long run.

Data Privacy and Security

The Big eyes (BIG) blockchain platform will pass through a series of audits and smart contract security reviews to ensure it is safe and secured for users to transact and store their tokens. Most blockchain projects have been a target of external cyberattacks. The project developers realize how rampant these attacks have been over the years, thus ensuring that users have no cause for worry. The security measures implemented and the team’s dedication toward the safety and security of members’ data and resources indicate that Big eyes (BIG) are a genuine project and not a sham for rugpull. It has a clear action plan which gives users a clear sense of direction

Promising Prospect

Big eyes (BIG) promising prospect is one reason you shouldn’t miss out on it. The project has different marketing mechanisms and features that can increase its adoption potential. One of these is the Big eyes NFTs which are projected to hit the top ten in the NFTs marketplace. This will bring more value to the Big eyes tokens (BIG). Also, contests, staking rewards, incentives, and merch sales are other highlighted marketing strategies that can improve the popularity and adoption of the token.

Charity and World’s Ecosystem Protection

These are other unique features of Big eyes. The project won’t be about shifting wealth into DeFi alone, but it also aims to give back to society and also protect the world’s ecosystem by establishing and protecting ocean sanctuaries. Its humanity appeal also makes it a good project to adopt.


Most experts have found Big eyes (BIG) unique features and action plan convincing enough, tipping it for a great market run upon market entry. Thus, early presale entry can be beneficial as the probability of an unprecedented price surge is high.

Find out more about the token here

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Tobi Loba
Tobi Loba
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