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Airdrop Distribution: Update On Key Date For XRP Holders

XRP holders worldwide should mark their calendars as Evernode, a Layer-2 smart contract platform built on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has just released crucial information about its highly anticipated airdrop.

This event holds significant importance for XRP holders, and Evernode’s update provides essential details regarding dates and potential security risks associated with the airdrop process.

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Snapshot and Evers Distribution: What You Need to Know

On September 1st, Evernode took a snapshot of eligible XRP holders, identifying approximately 5,160,960 XRP addresses for the distribution of Evers, the native token of Evernode.

The amount of Evers airdropped to each XRP holder will be determined based on the XRP balance held in their respective XRPL accounts on the snapshot date.

Xahau Integration and Evers Airdrop Timeline

The distribution of Evers will take place in Xahau accounts, corresponding to the XRPL accounts that held XRP on the snapshot date. Xahau, a sidechain of the XRPL, recently went live, setting the stage for Evernode’s launch as the first native project on the sidechain.

Previously, Evernode had emphasized that Evers would only come into existence once Xahau was fully operational. With the sidechain now up and running, Evernode has unveiled the next step in the Evers airdrop process.

In an official blog post, Evernode disclosed that it will commence the formal process of preparing for the Evers airdrop on November 27th. The platform will provide a secure tool for XRP holders to register for the airdrop, enabling Evernode to calculate the Evers-to-XRP ratio for each eligible participant.

Evernode strongly advises XRP holders to exercise caution and wait for its update on November 27th before taking any action. This preemptive measure aims to safeguard XRP holders against potential scams that may arise during the airdrop process.

Evernode has revealed the specific Xahau address dedicated to issuing Evers. While vanity addresses are easily recognizable, XRP holders are urged to double-check their r-addresses before establishing any trust lines. Additionally, it is vital for XRP holders never to trust anyone sharing a different address, as this could lead to fraudulent activity.

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Airdrop Launch Date Update: Patience Required

Evernode has made a revision to the airdrop launch date, shifting it from November 27th to December 18th. The adjustment is due to an unexpected delay in the XUMM wallet’s support for cloning XRPL accounts on Xahau. This step is crucial for the finalization of the Evers airdrop.

The Evers airdrop by Evernode presents a remarkable opportunity for XRP holders to engage with and contribute to the growth of an innovative Layer-2 smart contract platform. By closely following Evernode’s updates and exercising caution throughout the process, XRP holders can ensure the secure receipt of their Evers tokens while steering clear of potential scams.

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