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After 6 Years of Accumulating XRP, Millionaire Trader Teases XRP Community with Lamborghini

Rob Art, a prominent crypto enthusiast who has been involved with with XRP since 2016, recently caught the attention of the XRP Army. The supposed crypto millionaire shared a humorous post on X regarding his dealings with the digital token XRP in the last 6 years.

In the post, Rob celebrated a significant milestone after six years of steadfastly holding and accumulating XRP. He humorously shared that his XRP investments had reached a point where he could treat himself to a cup of coffee while watching the proud owner of a Lamborghini drive away.

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The post read, “After 6 years of holding and accumulating #XRP, I am finally able to buy a coffee and watch the proud owner of this Lamborghini drive away. $XRP.”

He captioned a picture of the exotic green car, with his hand holding a cup of coffee in front of it. The post garnered considerable attention and engagement from the XRP community, adding a touch of silliness to the sometimes intense XRP discussions.

Rob’s message brought laughter to most of the community members, with one user, B (@billprivate34), tagging his friend and joking that the post was about him after holding XRP for 20 years. His friend replied that it was a picture of B bringing him coffee as he sat in the car.

Another user joked that it must be a fancy coffee place to have lambo-driving customers. However, some community members still held onto the dream of owning a Lamborghini through their XRP investments.

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An Early Retirement with XRP

Another XRP enthusiast, King Doggo, started a similar conversation. The creator of The Alpha Husky Club, a popular NFT project on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), shared a lighthearted reflection on his experience with XRP.

In his post, he recalled investing in XRP in 2018, hoping to retire the same year. However, things didn’t work out and he ended up in law school, now about to graduate.

The post read, “In 2018 I invested in XRP just to hope to retire the same year, while 5 years later in 2023 we’re here almost graduating from law because of the Ripple lawsuit lmfaooooo.”


Although King Doggo’s post was humorous, it represents a sad truth about the crypto industry. The crypto market is full of unpredictable turns, and things don’t always work out as planned.

Notably, the XRP community responded positively to King Doggo’s tweet, with many expressing optimism about XRP’s future. With the recent 700% inflow increase for XRP, the dreams of a Lamborghini and an early retirement might not be far away anymore.

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