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Battlegrounds Mobile India started early access on Google play

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access started on Thursday, and the game will be tested on Google Play. We managed to get it and we played the whole game. Obviously, Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially PUBG Mobile with a lower setting, which we will talk about later. Since the public beta will be launched shortly before the scheduled release date on June 18, we are not sure how long this beta period will last or what the release date will be.

These are our first impressions of Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access. If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, when you open Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Android device, you will feel all this familiar. After logging in or creating an account with your previous PUBG Mobile credentials, you will see the same main screen and background music as PUBG Mobile.

Most importantly, you can transfer game data from PUBG Mobile. We will publish the guidelines soon. There are tips about whether the player is over 18 years old and lives in India, unfortunately, at this point, they seem to be able to simply answer yes without verification.We jumped directly to Erangel, the theme was Traverse-Insectoid of Season 19, and heard a game narrative, it definitely shows that this is a simulation that does not reflect real life, and you should not spend a lot of time playing. This may be a bit annoying, but it may be a very necessary reminder during long meetings.

Unsurprisingly, the game was full of bots, and we did not meet a real player. It feels like the early days of PUBG Mobile. Battlegrounds Mobile India brings back the same maps, weapons, gameplay and appeal as PUBG Mobile, but it has been redesigned for Indian users. However, it does introduce some subtle changes. It is now green instead of red. You cannot select your server in Battlegrounds Mobile India because this option is disabled. It is not clear whether this option will be available in the future.

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