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Majority of patients with severe Covid-19 cases experience longterm symptoms!

With the compulsion of masks across the USA, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have dropped. Notably, people are getting vaccinated as part of their responsibility. Thus, the recent signs suggest that the 2021 summer has proved to be much better than that of 2020.

Significantly, 50 percent of the adult US citizens have now completely received all shots of the Covid-19 vaccination. This information has been published by the data accumulated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as per their research. In the past week, the US averaged about 28,000 daily new cases, a 19 percent drop compared to the previous week, according to the CDC.

However, a new study underscored the importance of vaccinating more people as it detailed how some of those who had Covid-19 can suffer from symptoms months later. As per the latest study, it is clarified that near about three-quarters of the patients of Ccovid-19 response to the moderate to severe Covid-19 had at least one long-term symptom.
Tahmina Nasserie, a Ph.D. candidate in epidemiology and population health at Stanford University and the lead author of the study said, “We had no data on individuals who got Covid-19 and simply went about their day, so we don’t want to cause a lot of alarm with the value of 73 percent of people experiencing long-term outcomes. We want people to understand that these are mainly hospitalized so we can only generalize our findings for that particular population.”
The experts of the Stanford University performed research, that was done on 9,751 patients in the months after a Covid-19 infection. They notably found that about 73 percent of the patients had at least one symptom 60 days after diagnosis, symptom onset, or hospital admission.
Also, the experts have also discovered that about 40 percent of the participants experienced fatigue. Further, the other 36 percent had shortness of breath and another 25 percent reported an inability to concentrate, often referred to as brain fog.

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