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Major benefits of exercising too much!

The studies suggest that exercising is one of the best way to keep one fit and healthy. Exercise helps the muscles, the brain, and the lifespan of humans. Though, in few cases, it can even cause harm.

The Journal of Behavioral Medicine, published a study stating that working out more every day can also enhance your feelings of purpose in life, and science shows that living a more purposeful and meaningful life is also a happier and longer one.

Here are main benefits of exercising more :

Lead purposeful life!

Paul Dolan, Ph.D says that it is perhaps the world’s most foremost expert on happiness. In his terrific book Happiness by Design, he defined happiness essentially as the perfect balance between “pleasure and purpose.”

Thus, having more pleasure in someone’s hard-partying college years may make them happier. Also, it is important for a person to have a sense of purpose that teh individual is being educated. Meanwhile, having more purpose in your child-rearing years may make you happier. This, it an always-changing mix, he argued, and one needs both of them to be happy, wherever the purpose pendulum may be swinging.

Helps to create a virtuous Cycle!

The experts discovered that exercising is not only linked with to the stronger feelings of purpose. In addition, it creates a virtuous cycle in humans. Thus, as those feelings of purpose then propel people to exercise more. What was especially interesting was how exercising earlier in life was found to be linked with a greater sense of purpose in people’s later years and reverse.

Find the sense of purpose!

Kien Vuu, MD from longevity says, “Purpose is belonging to something bigger and greater than ourselves.”

Thus, it is always good to find something in the community, where one is able to discover healthy connections. Also, they vastly contribute to a cause that is bigger than yourself.




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