What will be the property distribution of Mr. and Mrs. Gates after their separation!

With the separation of Melinda and Bill Gates, experts in philanthropy, finance, technology and global health climb to predict what this divorce be for their  industries. This definitely gives rise to questions like “who will get their lakefront estate in the Seattle suburbs, which is valued at upward of $131 million? And will the public finally get a peek inside?”

According to the Forbes, the pair has a worth estimate of $124 billion. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of which they are co-chair persons, stated that there will be no change in its organizational structure.

On the other hand, their home which ranges about 66,000-square-foot on the shore of Lake Washington is yet an another issue. In addition, their sprawling complex, which includes a spa, and a 60-foot pool. It has a gym paneled with stone from a mountain peak in the Pacific Northwest. Also, a trampoline room, and a stream for salmon, trout and other fish. Thus, it has got the nickname Xanadu 2.0 from the biographers of the Gates.

The details of the waterfront compound have been kept incredibly private by the Gates family — so much so that a tour of the property went for $35,000 at a charity auction in 2009, according to TechCrunch. The Gateses own multiple other parcels of land surrounding the main property, according to public records, so walking by to catch a glimpse is out of the question.

Bill Gates was already working on his dream home before marrying Melinda Gates in 1994. But construction was halted when she arrived on the scene. The place was “a bachelor’s dream and a bride’s nightmare.” According to a 2008 profile of Melinda Gates in Fortune magazine, she said, “Enough software and high-tech displays to make a newlywed feel as though she were living inside a video game.”

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