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Covid-19 vaccine and its Durability!

With the changing scenario of coronavirus infection, the most awaited interrogation is about the durability of the covid-19 vaccines. But, the experts are still indulged in finding how long the protection from COVID-19 vaccines lasts. The researchers are observing the vaccinated people find this out. This study is done especially when these people are without masks to determine well the vaccine is working against the coronavirus. Notably, this requires the when and how often additional shots.

Deborah Fuller, a vaccine researcher at the University of Washington said, “We only have information for as long as the vaccines have been studied.” Further, the professor added, “We have to study the vaccinated population and start to see, at what point do people become vulnerable again to the virus?” The ongoing trials of the Pfizer vaccine indicate that the two doses of the vaccine remain highly effective, and the effect lasts for at least six months and also likely longer.

On the other hand, the one who got Moderna’s vaccine can too have notable levels of virus-fighting antibodies. The effects of Moderna’s vaccine also last up to six months. However, its second shot is required further. However, the Antibodies are also not just enough to know the entire storyline. Thus, to fight off intruders like viruses, it is necessary to keep our immune systems have another line of defense called B and T cells.

Out of all, few cells can hang around long, as soon as the levels of the antibodies decreases. So, in case if the same virus is encountered in the future, those battle-tested cells can further possibly be considered for the examination. Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, a vaccine expert at the University of Maryland stated, “It’s going to be somewhere in the middle of that very wide range.”

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