Physically Inactive? Higher risks of coronavirus infection!

On Monday, the British researchers released a trial to intentionally re-expose the COVID-19 survivors. This trial was done to examine the immune responses of the virus survivors and to keep a check if they turn to be re-infected. Thus, this information is gained from the well known challenge trial. The study leader, Helen McShane of the University of Oxford, said ” This will allow us to design better vaccines and treatments, and also to understand if people are protected after having COVID, and for how long.”

Significantly, the physically inactive people are at higher risks to get tied to the coronavirus infection. In addition, there are more risks of severe outcomes in comparisons to the patients who are at least active with their work out schedules. Thus, the individuals who least do some exercises or regularly met physical activity guidelines are away to this illness, researchers found.

The coauthor Dr. Robert Sallis of the Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center in California states, “It is well known that immune function improves with regular physical activity, and those who are regularly active have a lower incidence, intensity of symptoms and death from viral infections.” Further, he added “Regular physical activity is associated with improvements in lung capacity and cardiovascular and muscular functioning that may serve to lessen the negative impacts of COVID-19 if it is contracted,” he added.

Notably, in the research, out of 48,440 patients, about 14.4% were constantly inactive in the time phase of two years before their COVID-19 diagnosis. Further, the 79.1% involved themselves in some activity. Also, the other 6.4% people, frequently met the required physical activity guidelines. Significantly, these guidelines for physical workout re of at least 150 minutes per week. This is to say, in comparison to those who regularly reach the activity guidelines and people who are regularly inactive are more than twice as likely to be at risk of the infection. Also, they may die from the virus, according to a report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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