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FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK-Hero shooters, Download for free!

Frag Pro shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter is a thrilling action game that can be downloaded easily on smartphones for a fast-paced virtual experience. This fun game brings in so many shooters It’s a fun game, that manages to perfectly bring the genre of ‘hero shooters’ comes with their unique weapons and personal skills. Most of the heroes use weapons such that they can use them quickly on other opponents and escape early. They can also fly instantly while other heroes move gradually and use fire rockets. Frag Pro Shooter version will offer you many heroes with long-range crossbows, shields, regeneration abilities, and the list continues. 

A similar card system as that of Clash Royale can be used to upgrade and improve your heroes. It works like more the cards of the same hero you collect, you earn more life points and the more damage you do. You also get a chance to ace the skills throughout the game.

FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK Specifications

Name FRAG Pro Shooter
Version 1.7.9
Publisher Oh BiBi
Size 101 MB
Mod Features Unlimited Money/Ammo/Ability
Genre Action
Price  Free
Root Needed No

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  • Game Strategy

The battles in the Frag Pro Shooter game are not time-consuming and it is advisable to not rush alone to the opponent’s battlefield. Since the game can be played with your friends, listen and coordinate with your teammates. Also, you need to be cautious about not letting the character fall into the water because there are chances that you may die from sinking before being hit by missiles. FPS gameplay for players to convert into the sniper with a dedicated gun as each character has their different fighting style. If you are thinking of upgrading or changing the characters, then you should know prior itself if they can attack well! 

  • Unlocking New Characters

Be it a normal video game or an action game, it is judged based on two factors. The first being graphics of the game and the next being the characters that the game offers to its users. Hence, access to several new characters is very important when it comes to video games. There is an entire whole diverse character system that comes with a special attack and defense ability. Hence, making a proper plan with your teammates will not only help you in building the best fighting squad but also win the shooting competition in the long run.

Dan, Dr. Frost, Jay B, Jet, and Big Paku are some of the characters or gunmen available in this Frag pro shooter mod apk version. They will join you in the opening battles and as you scroll down a list of characters with creative fighting ability can be spotted. There are also other gunners like Slime, Freez-B, and many other heroes to catch the attraction of any gamer who plays it. Also, as it is a hacked version, there are again some free new characters to explore with.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk 1.6.4 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

  • Character Upgrades

Frag Pro shooter gamers are also accessible to changing outfits of their favorite characters in the game. There are many stylish clothes in an elegant, sensual, and very lively that attracts the youngsters who love playing shooting games. Also, regular combat participation does the upgrade of characters much stronger. As soon as you upgrade after each level, the character also attains a new level irrespective of stats like Hitpoints, Damage / Seconds, Speed, Speed ​​while shooting, Respawn Delay, Weapon Range, and Victory Gold Perks. However, we ensure that with this hacked version, it would take hardly a single click for upgrading it to the whole place.

Frag Pro shooter hacked version gifts you with a massive collection of rich character systems for free of cost as compared to more attractive other games. You as a gamer have the sole responsibility of styling your character that suits their gameplay, from skills to weapons. However, you should be aware that each character is permitted to use only one weapon, with a separate skill set. Such compulsion drives full concentration and focuses on a proper mission only. Though all the characters in Frag Pro shooter vary in terms of both skills and outfit, their challenges may also vary depending on the performance. You can also work with teammates to ensure a higher win rate. Also, always try to perform most amazingly with selected characters.

  • Access to Clubs

FRAG Pro Shooter shares clubs across many different countries all across the world. You can join all this club easily while chatting with other players or friends. This game can also prove to be an obvious place for learning altogether combat experience. With 1000 gold, players are permitted to create their club or join other players in the game. However, for standing first in the race you need to possess a good fighting ability as accepted by other players. Because, if you fail to do so then your club would be left without any liveliness. 

This game can also be classified as a battle of coordination between many other members for creating an amazing team and then taking over the lead. While your team up with players, you should understand that you are also teaming up with a various strategy and tactical gamers. Because each person playing frag pro shooter would have a different approach to combat the mission. Who knows what may work out in your favor and give you victory? So, it is advisable to respect all the players and their weapons that are used for shooting to win the competition.

  • Easy Control

The gameplay of Frag Pro shooter is different and strong with a sudden change in tempo and makes the player incapable to endure nicely with teammates or enemies. And, it also includes a unique control mechanism along with some support functions for the player to experience comfortable control. Each character owns their characteristics from skillset to individual stats, so their power mechanism is distinct. You will be able to witness the difference in gaming actions and shooting tactics delivering a perfect, user-friendly control interface, and can even be customized to satisfy the style of each player. If you are a beginner, the controls are very easy to understand. There are schemes like auto-fire and auto-aim for players to defeat the villain.

  • Featured Play Modes

This shooting action genre game offers several features like gameplay mechanics, controls, etc. Not only this but you are also given a diversity of game modes to explore which makes frag one of the best shooting games in the market right now. Along with these different modes, players can also create a team of up to 5 people and ask friends or others to join for a fight. Each game mode has its characteristics that mainly differ in rules, purposes, and time limits for each race. If you are looking to participate in skill battles then the competitive mode in frag pro shooter is the most suitable and can earn you more rewards too in the game. 

FRAG Pro Shooter for Android - Download Free [Latest Version + MOD] 2021

How to install FRAG Pro shooter MOD APK?

Step 1:

Download the FRAG Pro shooter latest hacked version:

Step 2:

Once you finish downloading, open the file and run it. You may now encounter a warning message asking for permission to install it on your device.

Step 3:

Go to settings and click on the ‘Allow from this source’ tab to grant permission for downloading the frag pro shooter game hacked version.

Step 4:

Open the file again and now it will be installed directly on your smartphone. Get ready for the battle!

Final Verdict

Today, Frag Pro shooter has more than 50 million players, and seems challenging to detect the actual master or reliable skill of every game competition. Hence, this game will help enhance your fighting skills because of the excellent features that are mentioned in detail in this article. You should always try participating in events or matches and when you achieve MVP status after each match then there are chances that personal achievement might also be affected. Here affected means your individual achievement will also increase in the competition. 

The more you score the total achievement point, you will earn more reputation while being invited by the big clans on every server. And the best part of hacked version is that you are free to access most of the premium features that cost high money otherwise. There is unlimited money and coins or rewards system as you level up in the game while shooting your opponents. You can also customize costumes, effects, and many other factors of your favorite characters to make the gaming more interesting just like your choice. 


  • Is it safe to download and play frag pro shooter mod apk version?

Yes, this mod apk version of the game is particularly designed for your android smartphones. It is also tested against all kinds of virus or malware attacks.

  • Can the application be installed if an older version already exists on the phone?

No, it is advisable to delete all the previous or older versions of the game before downloading this hacked version.

  • Is it a free game?

Yes, Frag Pro shooter is a hacked version and offers you all the premium features at no cost. You can download this game for free from this website and enjoy all the features.