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Relive childhood memories online with friends! Download the Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK

Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK

Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK: Who has not played carrom in their childhood days? A game that almost every other person loves. A game that requires the player to put as many discs as possible into the pot. The player that puts the maximum number of discs is the ultimate winner. Carrom Pool tends to be the chosen game for many people because it is a memory of their past. It brings back happy history from the past.

Carrom Pool is an exceptional multiplayer game. This carrom game is most popular in the Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and many more. The game consists of two modes:

  1. Classic Mode
  2. Disc Pool Mode.

Another feature of this game is that it can be played online. The players can challenge their friends over a game of carrom online. The friends can play this game from the comfort of their houses, without having to meet. All that is needed to play this game is a stable internet connection and a good hand at carrom! The developers of this game, Miniclip, have developed both the online as well as offline modes.

Details of Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK –

Name Carrom Pool
Developer Miniclip
Latest Version v3.1.2
Compatibility Android 4.1+
Size 27 MB
Last Update 7th February 2020
Content Rating 3+
Genre Games

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Features of Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK –

  1. Play with your friends online:

The game has a feature that allows the players to compete with other players online. The players can be away from their friends but still, continue playing the game and enjoy. This feature of the game can be given the title of the best feature. It is known so because this game does not require 4 people to be in the same room to play the game. Carrom Pool can be played online from anywhere by the exact 4 friends without being together.

  1. A one-of-a-kind multiplayer game:

Who does not like to play a game with family and friends? That is exactly what Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK gives to its players. The users have the privilege to play this game with 3 other friends or family members that they wish to play with. This game can be played by 4 players, just like carrom’s real–life game with 4 players. The user can throw as many challenges as they want at their friends. For every game that has been won, the winner is given or rather receives coins. The player must compete with their friends and family and earn as many coins as possible.

  1. Compete with the computer on the offline mode:

If the downloader does not have an internet connection, then he can play with the computer. The developers give the player an option to play this game without any internet connection. In case the player does not have any friends or family to compete with offline, they can go ahead and play along with the computer. The device computer plays this game as a real person and does not make the player feel like playing with a computer.

  1. An outrush of gems:

The most important currency in this game is the gems. The currency of the game can be termed as gems. By downloading the Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK, the players are blessed with unlimited gems. There are certain features of the game that can only be unlocked with a certain number of gems. This is only possible after multiple wins. However, the APK gives unlimited gems to the players to enjoy the game and unlock the features.

Different game modes –

  1. Disc Pool Mode:

This mode of the game requires the players to bet in a few gems to enter the game. The winner of the game ultimately wins all the gems and proceeds to unlock many more features. The player who wins gets all the gems that the other players in this mode put in.

  1. Practice Mode:

This mode of the game does not require the internet. The player can practice the game of carrom by competing with the computer. This way, the player gets to brush up his skills in the game of carrom. The player does not have to worry about putting in any money or even lose it. This is because the reason that he is currently playing offline is only on practice mode.

  1. Carrom Mode:

Carrom and Disc Pool are almost similar in their play of the game. The only difference between the two is that the in carrom, instead of 12 troops, the table has 13 troops. The only important note that the player must take is that the red unit on the table but be scored before scoring the last unit. It is the only thing that the player must keep in mind while playing the carrom mode.

Step by step instructions to download the Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK –

  1. To download the APK version, the user must first uninstall and delete the previous version from the device.
  2. Click on the link provided on the website.
  3. After clicking the link, the user will be directed to the telegram channel. On this channel, the APK to download this file would be provided. Click on the link provided and start the download.
  4. After the download is completed, the user can find the downloaded APK in the ‘downloads’ section of the browser.
  5. Before the download starts, make sure to allow third–party apps to be downloaded on the device.
  6. Once the permission is enabled, go back to the ‘downloads’ section of the browser and click on the APK file that has been downloaded.
  7. After you click on the file, an installation message is prompted on the screen. Click on the install button for approval.
  8. This is the final step. The application is now installed on the player’s device. The player can now use the application.


  1. Does the game require an internet connection?

There are several modes in this game. Some of the modes require an internet connection, while others do not. The practice mode of the Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK does not require any internet. But if the players want to compete with their friends and families, they definitely require an internet connection.

  1. Does the APK have any viruses?

The Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK is absolutely virus-free. It does not have any malware and has no complaint of the device being played being hacked. The APK is safe and can be downloaded on any android device without any worry.

  1. Is the application supported on iOS devices?

No, the APK is not supported by iOS devices. The Carrom Pool Hacked MOD APK can only be downloaded on Android devices 4.4 and up. The developers are working on the APK being made available on iOS devices too.

If you are a carrom player and love playing this game, then this link is definitely for you. This game has several magnificent features like playing online with your friends and family members. The practice mode also helps the players in multiple ways. The article leaves no reason as to why this game must not be downloaded. So, go ahead and download this game from the link mentioned in the article!

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