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Two new Oral symptoms of Corona virus which an infected person might experience!

As per the latest studies conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH), published in the scientific journal, Nature Medicine, about half of coronavirus victims initially suffer from the oral symptoms during the course of the infection.

Surely, loss of taste and smell can be an symptom of coronavirus and would take you weeks to heal completely. Significantly, as per the studies, this symptom is commonly reported in more than 60% of COVID+ cases. Although this may not only be the way the SARS-COV-2 virus affects your mouth. In addition, it alerts you regarding the taste buds. Thus, the researches and studies have continuously brought forward these symptoms.

However, the experts now have pointed two more oral symptoms, which may come up in days prior to the other signs may go unnoticed.

Facing Dried mouth Frequently!

Your mouth getting dried is definitely connected to many other viral infections and autoimmune disorders. But, it can also be a major reason for the COVID-19 virus as well. Experiencing a dry mouth means that the mouth goes through a tough time producing saliva, which keeps the mouth lubricated and aids digestion. In addition, it keeps the mouth protected against the bad bacteria and other pathogens. Further, the dry mouth can make feel dryness or stickiness in the mouth. Further, this makes the saliva a little thicker.

Irritating Lesions!

While experiencing the viral infection like COVID-19, the most one typical and major sensations experienced is widespread inflammation. Apparently, the virus attacks the muscle fibers and organ linings. Thus, this inflammation can show up in the form of lesions. In addition, the painful bumps on the tongue and gum areas can also appear. However, some individuals might be suffering from a viral infection in the mouth due to the ulcers, irritations and allergies. But, it can also be linked to coronavirus.

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