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How to use 2nd Line MOD APK! Download Here!!

2nd Line MOD APK

We are living in an environment in which the chain of social connection is increasing every second. In order to stand out it is really expected from us to remain socially active and communication is god in this field. Many renowned companies had make many apps with countless features but they all limits out to contacts. Here, 2nd Line MOD APK stands out. You are no more limited to some phone numbers, limited contacts, multiple phone numbers handling tactics. 2nd Line is there for you. If you fall in this category let’s explore 2nd line MOD APK for you.

Details of 2nd Line MOD APK:

Apk name 2nd Line MOD APK
Genre Communication, Social
Developer Text Now, Inc.
App Size 87 Mb
MOD APK Features Premium Unlocked
Last Updated 8th January 2021
Requirement 5.0



About the app:

If you fall in the category of startup owner or any business owner, this app is gonna blow up your mind. 2nd Line MOD APK help you out to register many numbers and use them at a single device without using traditional SIM card system.

2nd Line uses your device internet connection or cellular network to make calls and all. You can keep your business or work, family and friends all in different groups without mixing up your personal life with work life. Isn’t it great?

2nd line provides you own professional number. The user on other side will see a number like traditional phone number or one used by SIM card. The one with you are communicating get a regular notification like one gets but you don’t have to use multiple SIM cards.


Advanced features of 2nd Line MOD APK

Multiple numbers as you wish:

2nd Line provides you the permission to generate as many numbers you want and the communicator will see what you want to show them. You have multiple numbers out of which you can choose any and can generate your own profile or caller ID which will be shown to other communicator. You can use your nickname while calling your friends and family members or you can use your professional name while calling your co-workers. The traditional SIM card method no more keep a stand on such a great features holding and easy to use platform. This is the reason 2nd Line stands out. You can use 2nd line MOD APK in order to get all premium features for free from our website.

Multiple communication platform at a place:

Normally people uses multiple platforms for communication. One for call, other for text and so on. 2nd Line provide all at a same place. You can make calls, put messages, make video calls as per your need just with a single app.


Management of calls:

You can easily manage multiple calls. One can divert or forward calls. For those ho are interested in the Voicemail Transcription, which would allow the app to transcript your voicemails would prove to be extremely useful in multiple cases.

You can record your calls and use them if needed.

Messaging features:

2nd line allows messaging features where you can reply to multiple messages at a time. You can make exciting discussions using emojis, GIF and stickers. You can make your own personal image message and send them out. One can save images in your chats in you device for future uses. And like text SMS, you will get smooth and satisfying experience in 2nd Line app.



If you are an android user this feature is a top of most for you. You gets the customization features. One can change their caller tunes and SMS notification alert sound. You can change vibration setting.

You can use personalized background and you can add  background of your choice with great graphics or can use personalized images for different peoples.

Stay protected:

2nd line app is safe to use. Your data and chats are in a safe hand and no-one is going to look over it or use it. You can also restrict people to message you. Their is also an add on feature of using pass code or password for messaging you and making any kind of contact.


The interface of the platform is well designed and easy to use. The color used while developing the overlook of app is eye soothing and gives professional look till an extent.


Free to use:

This app is free for making calls and messaging so why are you waiting?

Get premium for free

Use all features of premium app for free using MOD APK provided on our website.

Communication with people are being one the basic needs of our daily schedule. Being in this socially growing society, smartphone are coming out with one after one communication tracks. Communication with peoples with smartphone are making our daily like more and more convenient.

Since, managing each phone number is difficult smartphone came out with various ideas. Google and many more had revealed supporting apps, which makes it no longer a problem. These apps holds countless features which are very convenient but their feature can only be limited to contacts. They no longer have any attractive features.


2nd Line is making everything different. The app came came out with many more features which are no more limited to certain areas. Now, users can use the interface more comfortably and easily with vast features. However, 2nd line have some premium version which you get for free in MOD APK. Just download and enjoy you new world of communication at just some free taps.

Pros Of 2nd Line MOD APK:

  • One can generate different phone numbers.
  • You can manage  different phone numbers.
  • Can use all premium features.
  • One gets everything for free.
  • You uses a well design easy interface.
  • Colors used by developer are like and eye soothing.
  • Can use a different sense of communication.

How to download 2nd Line MOD APK

  1. Click on the link given below.
  2. Allow “downloads from all sources” in setting of your phone.
  3. Now download the app from link given bellow ( click on “Download Now”).
  4. Install in your device.
  5. Login with your credentials and enjoy.

2nd Line MOD APK: FAQs

Q. Is Free 2nd Line MOD APK free?

 Yes, it is free.

Q. Is 2nd Line MOD APK safe to use?

 Yes, it is 100% safe to use in your Android device. It doesn’t have any virus in it. It will not hang your device.

Q. Will, I get banned after using this MOD APK version?

 Nope. But remember to use these features in a limited quantity. Don’t overuse them.

Q. Which app is better to use 2nd line original or MOD APK?

 2nd Line MOD APK is best to use because it provides all similar features with same interface and in addition provides you premium features for free.

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