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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Free Download! Witness Shooting

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is an exciting shooter that was created by the programmers from the Corporation Gameloft. It is mainly the story of a young wrestler involved in mixed martial arts and lost in one of the matches. However, he won the contract battle and led to great financial losses in the Affairs of the local bandit while violating his Napoleonic plans. 

Now, he will need to return the favor by working as an influential mafia and doing several other tasks. This character can come across the dangerous darkened world of criminal authorities, bloody firefights, and loud dismantlings. The new version is comparatively better than early models in terms of graphics effects, changing weather conditions, and excellent lighting effects. Not only that but also the world map has increased tenfold which offers you different features. The exceptional sandbox will also surprise the game fans. 


Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Specifications

Name Gangstar Vegas MOD APK
Version 5.1.1
Size 1786.92 MB
Root Needed No
Genre Action
Price  Free

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Gangstar Vegas comes with an interesting storyline along with several exciting locations lightning lures. Once you start enjoying the game, then there is no going back. 


Gangstar Vegas is a third-person shooting game that is played as a rising champion of MMA. Initially, it was framed by the mafia and you are believed to launch your fight. However, your competitor beats the disaster and falls first. And now begins the twist as the perfect plan of the famous gang member Frank Veliano does not exceed as well through. Here, comes your role as playing the most wanted man in the city. So in a world, there are lots of criminal stories residing, would you also like to discover a new one? If it’s a yes, then get ready with your wildest gang to experience shooting in history! 

About the game

  • Mafia Boss

You play as the Mafia Boss in the Gangster Vegas game and participate in several gun battles as per the levels. As this is an action game, you will be constantly followed and chased by other opponents. There are always enemies around you searching to kill and your main aim is to destroy them by building your authority. 

Race, loot, and bombardment are the major activities that will be often done by you in this game. You are solely responsible for building power while defeating your enemies. During some of the dangerous scenarios with a gun in hand, players can easily shoot down the enemy. Hence, it is advisable to shoot at the right target and then run away. 

  • Gunshots

The protagonist of the game is keen to explore several cities and carry out thefts or being called criminals. Tanks and guns are opened up with parties and you will have to confront many opponents through every city corner. The game believes you to fight with all your strong ability, observe the enemy’s path to aim the right spot. The war opened up with a fierce race, attacking and shooting which eventually leads to a gangster city. 

  • Weapons

Gangstar Vegas war broke out with several guns like cannons, flamethrowers, swords, missiles, and major bombs. You also get experience with some of the best fuming car races, armored cars, and warplanes. There are also option to choose drones that are close to the enemy while leading to challenges.

Gangstar Vegas allows you the opportunity to be a boss with myriad costumes and athletes like Vegas, zombie gangster, mafia king. Enjoy different roles in this amazing shooting land. 

Features of Gangster Vegas MOD APK

  • All in-app purchases unlocked

Gangstar Vegas offers you many in-app purchases that range from Rs 10 to Rs 8000 per product. All such in-app products can be utilized later for unlocking several in-app products like character, vehicle skin, gun skin, and other stuff. 

We do understand that you might not be willing to pay such a hefty amount just to witness a gaming experience unless you are a crazy fan. Won’t you? And so the modded version is designed by considering all these issues. One of the other best advantages of the game is that you can play it offline. It means there is no requirement for a stable internet connection. 

Now enjoy all the in-app products for free by following the steps as mentioned in the article. 

  • Unlimited Money

There are other several stuff that demands in-app currency to own from unlocking different missions. You also need to pay the in-game currency by winning all the missions and upgrading your level every time. But all this comes with lending money to the application and you are surely no considering it. Hence, this Gangstar Vegas MOD Ak version offers an unlimited money feature without worrying about in-app currency. 

  • Graphics and Sound

As mentioned earlier, Gangstar Vegas offers graphics in comparatively smaller sizes. However, the realistic physics and massive shootouts deliver the best possible outlook to the game. Now, you can enjoy the gangster vegas more due to the improved visuals and graphics than the early version. Though, it is observed that sometimes the game might face optimization issues. 

There are realistic sounds played in the background of the game to give real feels and scenarios. From the screeching of brakes, shooting a machine gun, and to an explosion from a grenade along with the noise of the metropolis, the sound is an exceptional feature of the game. 

  • Unlocking Maps

As this is an action cum shooting game, it is quite obvious that players would wish to explore every nook and corner of the city. This is mainly useful in creating some chaos and flee away from the police. Also, you can focus on some other interesting missions to earn more points in the game. 

All you do is kill your opponents and steal some money which is again an added advantage for you. You have also got the option of choosing your playstyle and plunge into this game environment. There is the disposal of a large map and you can visit them after you level up while shooting your enemies. 

  • Limitless Action

There is no limit on joy, travel the city full of fun with lots of gangster groups all around. You are also free to rob a car which is no doubt a crime in real life. Thanks to this game, that offers you with doing such interesting activities for the sake of fun. There are also huge bikes that are approx 9 times bigger than the previous Gangstar versions. 

The Gangstar Vegas Mod version is not only designed for fighting, shooting, and enjoying but explores the destination of other opponents too. There are lots of auto racing, shooting, roaming, and fun TPS action with amazing stunts and ragdoll effects that mostly utilize Hawk Physics. Again another interesting fact is about MMA which is loved by most of the players. 

How to download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK free?

Step 1

Click on link to download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK file.

Step 2:

Once you complete your downloading, open your file manager to view. You may encounter a warning message that may ask for permission.

Step 3:

Go to settings, click on the ‘Allow from this Source’ tab and again try opening the MOD APK file. Now, your application will start downloading.

Step 4:

After installation, open the file and you are all set to shoot your enemies. 

Final Verdict

Gangstar Vegas is freely available on the Google Play Store but includes some in-app purchases and other limitations. This can turn out to be a bit annoying if you are a die-hard fan of games. But, there are still steps to help you out and it includes downloading the hacked version of this game as provided by us in the article. You can enjoy all the premium features in this modded version without paying any cost. 

Today, Gangstar Vegas is considered one of the top-rated Mafia shooter games for your mobile devices. There are around 80 missions to complete, and several other things to keep you engaging throughout the game. Also, the graphics of the game is particularly designed for a better experience of playing. For all the GTA Series fans or other similar Gangstar Series game, then Gangstar Vegas is also a must-try game. From discovering every action in the game to fighting back against powerful groups, the game is all about experiencing amazing thrilling experiences. There are so many challenges that you will come across, but what even if you end up winning despite them! So, now download the free MOD APK version and start shooting. 


  • Is downloading Gangstar Vegas MOD APK safe?

Yes, the Mod APK version of Gangstar Vegas is safe to use as they have been tested several times before uploading the same.

  • Can you get Unlimited Money/VIP gold in Gangstar Vegas MOD APK?

Yes, you can easily avail unlimited money/VIP gold in Gangstar Vegas MOD APK. All you have to do is just download it from the website and install it on your smartphones. You are all set to enjoy premium features.