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An opportunity that should never be missed! Download Moddroid Netflix application today.

Netflix is known to be the most popular streaming platform in recent ages. Netflix has moved on much more ahead from what began as a video – rental company in the year 1997. This streaming platform is known to be the king of all streaming platforms. This is because of the huge number of paid subscribers which is over 195 million dollars. The amount of time and effort that the company has spent in marketing has led them to come into this position.

After spending a lot of time at work with stress, every person decided their form of relaxing and destressing. Studies show that one of the most effective ways to unwind is to watch a movie. Every movie title brings excitement to the viewer and leads them to many different levels of emotion. It is one of the places where a viewer can find quality titles that can never be easily ignored.

Details of Moddroid Netflix –

Name Netflix
Latest version v7.96.0
Genre Entertainment
Size 11 MB
Compatibility Android
Develop Netflix
Price Free
MOD Premium, no banner

Download Now

Features –

  1. Personalized Content:

The most notable feature of Netflix is its provision of personalized content for the viewer. Netflix has the most notable algorithm amongst all other streaming platforms. Netflix recommends movies that are similar to the movies and shows that have been previously watched according to the history of the viewer. By this, we understand that Netflix can analyze what we would like to watch based on the content that has been viewed. This proves to be a boon for a few users since they do not have to spend too much time looking out for something to watch.

  1. Great quality of videos:

It is quite important for users to watch the shows and movies clearly without any disturbances. For the benefit of their viewers and to suffice the need to provide clear videos, Netflix supports 4k videos if the plan is available with the viewer. If in case the viewer has limited data, he can watch the same shows in the standard quality mode so as to save the data. Users also have the freedom to adjust the resolution to their liking anytime they want.

  1. Offline streaming:

Another excellent feature of Netflix is that it gives the users the ability to download the videos. Viewers can save the shows and movies they desire to watch later. The downloader can watch without internet facilities or connection. The viewer can watch the movie or show he downloads on the Netflix application itself, provided he has enough storage space on the device.

  1. Unlimited movies and shows:

Netflix is the largest streaming platform, it holds an insane amount of tv shows and movies. According to certain surveys, Netflix has approximately 3,781 movies on its application. Netflix updates its content quite frequently and viewers can easily expect new movies and shows every 2 months.

  1. Available on all devices:

Netflix can be downloaded on any device. Since it is a video streaming platform, the application can be downloaded on almost any Android or iOS device. Downloaders can use the Netflix application on laptops, phones, tablets, television consoles, and almost any other device not mentioned. In this way, the users enjoy the movies and show whenever and wherever they wish to.

  1. Multiple accounts accessibility:

The next and the last feature of Netflix is that there is an availability of multiple profiles. Like this, the user can share the same profile with his family and friends without spoiling the algorithm. The Netflix application also allows the downloaders to set up security passwords. This way the account can never be accessed by any other person.

Step by step instructions to download Moddroid Netflix –

  1. To start the download, click on the link mentioned above.
  2. The link will take you to the official website from where you can download the APK.
  3. After the download is completed, the user can find the downloaded APK in the ‘downloads’ section of the browser used.
  4. Before the download starts, make sure to allow the third–party apps to be downloaded on the device.
  5. Once the permission is enabled, go back to the ‘downloads’ section of the browser used and click on the APK file that has been downloaded.
  6. After you click on the file, an installation message is prompted on the screen. Click on the install button for approval.
  7. This is the final step. The application is now installed on the player’s device. The player can now use the application.


  1. Is Netflix free?

Netflix gives its subscribers a free month of subscription for its new users.

  1. Is it worth paying so much money for its subscription?

After all the features of Netflix mentioned above, the user will definitely find it worth paying for the Netflix subscription. With the availability of multiple movies and shows and so many genres to select from, It is definitely the application one needs to unwind.

With everything that you need to relax in one place, Netflix looks like the best option. One should never miss an opportunity as such ever. Go ahead and download the Netflix application. Happy streaming!

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