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Instagram hacked version for new hashtags! Download MOD APK for free!

Instagram MOD APK

Instagram is the most popular and highly used social media application to engage with friends, family, or followers. Also, the introduction of the new Reel feature on the application last year has caused a huge buzz in the world. People can now post videos or boomerangs of short duration with a suitable background song to them. This platform is different from most other social media apps because you can share your content to only specific followers that you chose and not the default ones. 

You can also set privacy to either private or public depending on your choice. It is very important that when you are sharing your daily updates on stories or posting pictures on public platforms. Hence, Instagram is considered one of the best apps for socializing with people around the town and the country. But did you know the original version of the app that you are currently using is limited to certain things?

The standard Instagram does not allow users to 

  • Use more than 30 hashtags per post
  • Follow more than 60 people or pages per hour
  • Tap more than 350 likes per hour

All these problems don’t matter and also you get access to other prominent or exciting features by downloading the MOD APK version of Instagram. 

Instagram MOD APK

Instagram Hacked Version Specifications:

Name Instagram Mod Apk
Size 33 MB
Offered by Instagram
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

New Features Added

Download Insta Stories

Rewind Videos

Price Free
Genre Social-Media
Required Android or i-phone
Advertisements No

What is Instagram MOD APK?

Instagram Mod Apk is a hacked version of the official Instagram application with no annoying advertisements. There are several features of this MOD APK version that allows you to zoom options, automatic Translator, marking messages, hide your online status, and others.

Also, this Instagram version can be customized as per your choices and interests. 

Instagram MOD APK offers the following benefits over Standard Version :

  • Selection of Various themes
  • Copy captions and Instagram Bios
  • Automatic translate local languages
  • No advertisements
  • Instagram Story Download Option

Instagram offers business users to create a separate business account for them to promote their products or goods. At the same time, they can also create a personal Instagram account to share their photos or videos with followers. With this MOD APK file, you also get a chance to add overlay options and custom-designed filters like Gingham, Juno, Lark, Valencia. Instagram is popular for the various cute and sweet filters that highlight your photo. 

Features of Instagram MOD APK:

  • Customization

This new MOD APK version of Instagram allows you to customize the application. You have the right to choose any theme that can be more than two or three on your mobile. All you have to do is go under the settings tab of your application and make suitable changes. 

  • No Online Status Visibility

With most of the social media, the online status would be visible and it will allow others to look when was the last time you are active. And this is not something which you would want others to see. So, this MOD APK version allows you to hide the online status on the Instagram App and not chat with them. This will help you when you are not in the mood to converse with your friend. Thus, this will serve as better for both you and your friend. We all are busy at the end of the day and there won’t be enough time for any one of us to reply instantly even if you were just scrolling the feed. 

  • Automatic Translator

A built-in translator is also available in the Instagram MOD APK version to translate some text into any language. When you have found some bio on Instagram in a foreign language, there would be an automatic translator to convert it into your local language. This feature helps you in automatic translation rather than downloading multiple applications on your device. But, Instagram MOD APK does all this job by just downloading a single application. 

  • Zooming Profile Picture

If you are using the original version of Instagram, you would be familiar with the small display pictures of your followers. So, it is hardly possible to enlarge this picture and to confirm before you send the request to the proper person. Hence, this Instagram MOD APK version comes with a zooming profile picture option to see in detail the face of the person. 

When you have to zoom a profile picture, click on it for 2 seconds and continue till the picture enlarges. You can similarly drop the picture for zooming out to its original size. This is also an added advantage of using this version as it will help in checking out your friends correctly.

  • Copy Instagram Bio or Captions

Now, if you find a favorite caption posted on your friend’s post, you can copy it to use sometime in the future same caption. Also, the original Instagram application does not allow you to do this. Not only this but you can copy any comment from a post and share it to an external source like Facebook, or WhatsApp. Instagram Bio’s can also be copied easily using this MOD APK version. You need not spend typing the same caption again but instead can directly copy it from that page and post it to your comment tag. 

  • Download Images and Videos

From your favorite celebrity outfits to destinations, Instagram is all about saving them. You get an option to save the posts in the original version and this modded APK version lets you download these posts. This gives you such a gloomy image to not download the pictures, videos, live streaming, and stories of your followers. Thus, this new version lets you download these posts of your friends and family. 

For downloading the photos without the knowledge of your friends, just click on the icon at the top right corner of the picture. There would be several options to choose from the list of menus and one such option would be downloading the image or video. Now, tap on that option, and the image will be downloaded on your mobile phone. There would be a separate folder on your device where photos or videos would be downloaded from the Instagram Apk version.

  • Videos with Volume On

If you are an Instagram user, you may be aware that most of the videos play with no sound as default. Then, you have to unmute the audio found below the post to hear the sound for the video. But, the hacked version allows you to always watch videos with the volume on. This is very helpful as you will not want to turn the audio on and off continuously while watching every other video. 

  • Follow Indicator

The moment when someone accepts your follow request, you will want to see whether the person has followed you back or not. Don’t you? Though the original version of Instagram does not have this follow indicator the hacked version comes with this feature. The follow indicator allows you to see which person has started following your page or profile. Also, it tells you whether a follower has followed you back after you send a request to them. 

Instagram MOD APK features

How to Download MOD APK version of Instagram?

Step 1:

Download the latest Instagram MOD APK version.

Step 2:

After downloading the file, open the MOD APK file on your device. Now, a warning message may appear on your screen asking for some permission.

Step 3:

Go to Settings and click on the ‘Allow from this source’ tab to grant permission for installation of the application.

Step 4:

Once you grant permission, the installation will take place automatically. Now, you are all set to share your first post among your friends with the best caption!

Final Verdict

The use of Instagram is increasing daily as it records most of the beautiful snaps of your day to post in the form of filtered stories or posts. And amidst all these when you come to know there are some limitations to the original Instagram version, which can be solved by downloading another hacked version of the same app. Thus, this new Instagram will unfold new exciting features from auto-translation, zooming in profile pictures, no advertisements, downloading stories or posts, etc. As these are modded versions, you cannot download them directly from the Google play store. But, you will have to download it directly from any Webpage. And we have provided the complete steps for downloading and installing the hacked Instagram version on your device. 

You can use two accounts simultaneously in the same Instagram application. Normally, you will have to switch from the user account to navigate the different accounts. But, this version does the job easier for you. There are still many features that are offered with this hacked version that are not mentioned here too. However, once you download the MOD APK file and you experience the whole of it, in reality, would be much better than reading it!


  • Is it safe to use Instagram hacked version?

Yes, the MOD APK version of Instagram is safe to use and can be easily downloaded from the steps mentioned here. It does not take much of your phone space and comes with several exciting features that make it worth installing.

  • Can both hacked and original versions of Instagram be used on the same device?

No, it is not possible to download and use both the hacked and original Instagram on your device. Hence, it is advisable to uninstall all the previous versions of Instagram from your device before downloading the Instagram MOD APK file. 

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