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Meet the Trending GEMS App! Download Lyka MOD APK v3.5.22 for free


What’s trending as of now? Reels, Memes, Posts, or Videos? Let us update you, LYKA is the new sensation. LYKA is a free social media platform that enables users to connect, explore new ideas, posting photos while sharing their interests with other people. There is also a Digital Point System that enables users for engaging with other public on the platform. And, LYKA Gems can be distributed among friends, barter for goods with their partner stores. Also, they can be received to redeem gifts on LYKA MALL varying from gift certificates, gadgets, and other hotel aids. 

There’s a newsfeed to view all updates while curating your profile page and customizing it as per your choice. Here, the posts are categorized as LYKA application is mainly focused on various groups and interests. Also, this version of the application is available for both Android and iOS. The main highlight of this social-media platform is rewarding its users with GEMS (Gift card in Electronic Mode) when they upload a photo or a video. Also, as and when a Lyka user involves in reacting to other people’s posts, or videos both parties will earn a definite amount of GEMS. When you are posting a photo on this application, it is equivalent to 0.05 GEMS which is the same that any user gives on your picture an MR (Max Rate).


LYKA Mod APK V3.5.22 Specifications

Name Lyka Mod Apk
Version 3.5.22
Size 189 MB
Developer Ryan Baird
MOD Features Yes
Price Free
Genre Social-Media
Required Android or i-phone
Advertisements No

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As you MR another user’s photo, it becomes equal to 0.02 GEMS. The conversion for the same is as follows in the Lyka App, 1 GEM is equal to 1 PESO. Also, after complete installation and signing up to the LYKA platform, you will be offered 5 GEMS as a new user. Other Lyka users can also transfer your gems if they are hospitable to you. Or, if you get verified on the LYKA platform then too 15,000 GEMS is transferred to you as a welcoming gift. 

Generally in social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter only well-known people or celebrities are verified. However, with LYKA this is not limited just to them. But, any user can sign up on their application and get verified. So, what are you waiting for? Read out the whole article to find out how to install the free version of the app. Also, the best features and how to use the application efficiently are covered here. 

LYKA APP Features

  • Access to LYKA Gems

1 GEM is equivalent to 1 PESO as discussed above in the article. This indicates that GEMS earned are as good as cash. Many merchants like Adidas, Guess, Aeropostale, PlainsandPrints and many more on the list accept LYKA gems from their customers. Also, you can use these Lyka Gems to buy furniture and appliances in some selected stores.

They are now accepted by some hotels and restaurants around the country and can be paid instead of cash. Not only this, but these GEMS can also be used to buy a car at select Ford dealerships. Some well-known shops on Instagram like GadgetsManila accept LYKA gems and users can purchase their favorite accessories.

  • LYKA Mall

The LYKA app also has a virtual mall called LYKA Mall for you to purchase items with their associate traders. LYKA Mall is an e-commerce platform with an app to purchase essential items like grocery items, loads, gadgets, accessories, and many more. 

You can obtain gadgets, costumes, toys, food, plane tickets, and many other things. The more activity you share on this social network, the more GEMS you will receive to use it on LYKA Mall. Not only this but also, this is one of the best parts of creating an account on the platform and attracts most other users too.  

And Social Network is all about sharing and discovering interests with others or making phone calls, and other conversations. It is as simple as you creating a simple profile and then posting valuable content to earn some good GEMS. They have also partnered with ceratin companies recently and you can now use these GEMS to buy accessories from them. 

How to Install LYKA APP MOD APK v3.5.22?

It is advisable to delete all the existing versions of the LYKA App from your device before downloading this new version. 

Step 1:

Click on the link to download the mod APK version of LYKA App v 3.3.22

Step 2:

After downloading the file, open it from your file manager. But, there are chances that you may face a warning message on your screen now. 

Step 3: 

Now, go to settings and choose ‘Allow from this source tab’ to approve the installation. If you do not come across such warning messages, then the application will be immediately installed on your device.

Step 4:

The application would be downloaded on your device. Open the LYKA app and start earning gems to buy your favorite things!

How to use LYKA App?

  • Create Daily Posts to engage with the audience

It is as simple as the more you post, the more GEMS you earn on LYKA. But, if the content you are posting is not up to the mark then it goes rated down right away. This post would not be visible on the newsfeed and you can’t earn for such content any GEMS. Also, the most important thing with LYKA is that your content should be original and unique. Hence, it gets rated high and you will score more than ever.  

  • Don’t ask for ratings or gems

Be it Instagram or LYKA, asking likes for your post is not worth appreciating. Hence, your content will be immediately rated down due to such acts. So, it is advisable to not ask for ratings or GEMS publicly on the platform. But doing such acts will only affect your earning and even in the future people may ignore your posts or videos easily. Thus, even if you can’t post daily make sure to post only good ones. So that people will adore you and even you can earn more GEMS to purchase your favorite things!

  • Forming a Community

LYKA is a new-emerging social media platform and users are just learning how to use it effectively. So, the founder of the application Ryan has mentioned during his speech to find people that love your community, vision, and interest. Therefore, this will help in dealing only with your bunch of choices. LYKA mainly uses big data to maximize profit for quality content creators operating authentic associations.

  • Follow the founder of LYKA-Mr. Ryan

As per the reported sources, it is believed that Ryan has sent $10, $88, $100, $888, $8,888, or $10,000 for comments and content loved by him on this platform. There are also real stories of many people that earned such hefty money by just posting the best ones. So, think what if you are the next lucky one to be gifted with dollars next time? Everything is a wonder, so who knows if your chance awaits?

  • Recruiting people to follow you

Social Media is taking over our lives recently and there would be hardly any day that a person like you or me won’t happen to open our Facebook or Instagram page at least once a day. And when they are aware of a social-media application that would also earn them money, so there is no stopping. But, needless to say, that they will try all tactics to earn more and more GEMS. Hence, there does exist these referral programs as observed in most of the applications. Also, you can ask other people or friends to join LYKA and both you as well the other one can reap benefits. 

Final Verdict

Currently, Lyka GEMs cannot be converted into cash or purchase cash and turn it to Lyka GEMS. The money obtained from Lyka won’t be sufficient enough to run a house or for daily living. However, if you are a student or young professional and wish to earn a small amount then this platform would be the best choice in the market now. Also, here as the social network expands you meet across different people and some of them would be generous enough to send you GEMS since you follow them. These GEMS can range from 5 to 3000 or more depending on personal choices.

There do exist some internal bugs or error in the application that needs to be fixed. And some users have reported crashing the application or being logged out from their account while posting a photo. But this again differs from individual to individual. Also, features like notifications on the application when someone starts following you is not existing as of now. Along with MR-ing your photo and buying GEMS are not notified to the user. But, make sure to upload your original content and rate the posts of other people and earn GEMS.

The speed and reliability of the app also match other common and daily applications used generally for posting or messaging. By downloading this new MOD APK version, you are also gearing up to enjoy more creative features in the application! Merchants can do giveaways on special offers and you can make the most use of them. Also, if it’s friends or any family member’s birthday around the corner, then gift them some LYKA GEMS and surprise them!


  • Do advertisements pop on the screen while using this LYKA MOD APK version?

No, LYKA MOD APK v3.5.22 does not throw annoying ads on your screen while posting a photo or video. You can completely enjoy the experience of this social media platform.

  • Is it completely safe to use the MOD APK version?

Yes, this MOD APK version is completely safe to use and free from virus attacks. Also, the data privacy from the LYKA group is strong. There is no need to worry about our data and information stored on the application. 

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