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Automatic Tap! Download Auto Clicker MOD APK v1.4.4 free!

Auto clicker mod apk

Playing video games has now become a daily activity ever since the lockdown was announced in the country. From massive fan following for PUBG to Idle Clickers, Griddie Islands, and many more in the list. There is one thing that is common for most of these games. Tapping the Screen! But, what if constant tapping can damage the sensitive screen of your mobile device? In such cases, technology serves as a boon and this article will help you discover a tool that allows automatic screen tapping. One of the best advantages of Auto Clicker MOD APK is easily available for free irrespective of rooting your device or not.

Auto Clicker is a product that can be installed into your computer or a mobile device. Certainly, this application ensures taking care of most of the clicking or tapping activities that you would usually have to do all by yourself. Now users or programmers will not have to continuously sit for hours at the computer and click away while the program does the instant taps for you. Just a few settings, permission requests, and you are set to enjoy the remarkable experience of Auto Clicker on your device. 

Auto Clicker MOD APK v1.4.4 Specifications


Auto Clicker MOD APK


1.4.4 (Latest)


3 MB


True Developers Studio

MOD Features







Android 7.0 and above

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What is Auto Clicker MOD APK?

With AI and other advancements revolving around the world, now you can get rid of not tapping the screens of your device because someone else will do it for you. Yes, this tool called Auto clicker MOD APK does the job by helping to repeat taps at any location with any interval as specified by the user. Auto-Clicker is a unique application that reduces the burden on the players by downloading this mod file. Hence, you also get an opportunity to improve your game and scores which gradually lead to an increase in the number of rewards while playing such games.

This tool is very handy as all types of difficult tap games can be played and experienced with comfort. Also, Autoclicker does not require Root Access because it offers a floating control panel to start/stop the automatic tap. Therefore, All you have to do now is tap on the floating widget and relax while the tool automatically performs the task. 

Auto Clicker pro - Tapping 3.6.2 (Paid) |

Features of Auto Clicker MOD APK v1.4.4

  • Instant Screen Taps

After a long day, when you sit down to play a round of games with bunch of players, it would become tedious for you to constantly tap the screen to earn more rewards. And in such cases, your mobile can help you if you have downloaded this particular file on your device. Therefore, Auto clicker, as the name suggests, automatically executes the tapping process. So, you will not have to disappoint your friends even if you do not have the energy to play the game.

Also, it is advisable to customize the application before actually playing your game as they all demand different settings. Hence, adjust the settings and enjoy the instant taps on your screen for your favorite games. 

  • Adjustable Click Points

What if you have to attend to some other important task that came up instantly and now you have to manage it? Then, there is no need to worry because this application enables you to use a floating control panel for managing it while using other apps. You can easily set-up pointer locations on precise locations within a game or just apply the Single Target Mode to conduct one task at a time.

  • Proper Time Settings

Auto Clicker MOD APK also comes with the feature of setting up a global timer that delivers the application a specific span to run. Also, there is an option for users to set the period of their multiple tasks in the settings menu of this platform. All you do is grant it access and they will do magic wonders for you that too for absolutely free of cost. 

  • Sequential Tasks Arrangement

Auto Clicker MOD APK v 1.4.4 comes with one of the best features that the users can set a sequence of their tasks in this platform and will be executed automatically. Additionally, you can also modify the position of its tapping key and change some settings to make it run the best on your device. 

How to Download Auto Clicker MOD APK v 1.4.4

Step 1:

Firstly, download Auto Clicker MOD APK v 1.4.4 file.

Step 2:

After completely downloading the file, now install the Auto Clicker Mod APK by enabling an unknown source in your android device. Subsequently, a warning message may pop up on your screen showing allow access. After that, you have to grant access for successful installation of this tool on your device. 

Step 3:

Finally, open the Auto Clicker Mod APK file. Now are ready to enjoy the free features of this tool on your android device. 

How does Auto Clicker Mod Apk work?

As soon as you open this application, a small floating menu would appear on your screen. You should grant the necessary permissions and select anyone among the two different modes as per your requirements. One of them is where the screen is just tapped constantly on a specific side while in the second option you are allowed to choose different areas for the action to take place. But you should choose any one from the above mentioned to run the app smoothly. Also, there is an easy possibility of changing the general settings of any modes by changing the tapping frequency, tap duration, and the time interval between them that are ideal for most of the tapping games. 

Automatic Tap

When you wish to generate automatic clicks in specific apps, then Automatic Tap is a great choice. You need to grant the necessary permissions and then choose any application or your game to use it. Hence, this tool comes with several options to customize your application experience by altering the size of the control panel as shown in the selected apps, or change the size of taps that take place on the screen, and other different options for the tapping frequency. 

Again, a small floating control panel on one side of the screen is to be managed. So, there is a need for a selection of where you want the taps to happen on the screen. It will also select the new spaces depending on your preferences or the requirements of the desired application or game. No need to worry, you can now easily hide this panel while you are enjoying the game to avoid creating any disturbances. 

Final Verdict

Auto Clicker MOD APK offers some of the best and useful features that are effective for idle clicker games wherein continuous taps are required from the user to generate currency or deal damage. Certainly, you have got the ultimate choice of choosing many tasks and easily turn on/off the application anytime. Therefore, there are no risks of consuming more device power or performance because the application is designed by considering all such points into consideration. Hence, Auto clickers are software or apps that can automate different functions like clicking or tapping, swiping, and gestures while some other apps use triggers and events to automate the device. 

Also, the tool serves multiple purposes like recording names and addresses of potential customers, creating a daily report. It helps in keeping track of the effectiveness of each advertising campaign, or building an auto-responder to send your subscribers instantly. Till now, you might have just heard of this vivid application, but now is the time to download it and experience it as a real user!

Auto Clicker Mod Apk: FAQ’s

  • Is Autoclicker Safe? 

Whenever you download a file in the data-consuming world today, safety is the first thing to be checked and be aware of. Because there have been some cases of email programs like Aweber and GetResponse due to their ability to deliver targeted and highly targeted contacts to their users. Therefore, these programs should often comply with federal and state regulations to run smoothly on your android device. Hence, considering all such loopholes, we let you know that this version of Auto Clicker is safe to download and use on your device. 

  • What is Rooting?

The process of providing smartphones, tablets, and other Android mobile users an operating system to obtain free control over different Android subsystems is called the rooting process. Android utilizes the Linux kernel and rooting an Android device grants access to managing licenses as on Linux. It also offers related services on Unix-like operating systems like FreeBSD or macOS.

However, there is no need of rooting your device to install this recent version of Auto Clicker MOD APK. There exist some misunderstandings about hacking and rooting amongst the users. Moreover, the rooting technique is used to unlock the best features by the owner of the smartphone.

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