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How to get rid of Spam calls? Guide to download Truecaller Premium Apk for free!


With so many apps rolled out in the market, messaging and call feature applications are the most important to people like us! But, there do arise times when you are not in a mood to pick a spam call in the middle of your busy working hour. So, worry not, because we have got you Truecaller Premium APK the perfect solution to deal with this issue, that too for free. What more to say than, you can experience the best features and take full control over the incoming calls. Also, report messages by downloading the  2020 version. 


TrueCaller Premium APK Specifications


Truecaller Premium Gold Apk






True Software Scandinavia AB


4.4 and up


40 MB

MOD Features

Premium Gold features unlocked

Disabled/Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services

Analytics/Crashlytics disabled

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Why use Truecaller?

Truecaller is a widely used application for caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, and call-recording on mobile devices. This application helps people to obtain a caller’s information before actually answering an unknown person. This makes it easier for them to decide whether they need to attend the call or not. Recently, the Truecaller application has also brought in a new call reason feature for the users to know the reason beforehand on why somebody is calling you. It allows people to be ready while answering their call.

Every object has got its pros and cons, and people would often argue how a simple application can find out why someone is calling you. Hence, the company has added a new feature in the app that lets the caller add a specific reason while he makes a call to the other end. Thus, the receiver will be able to see the reason unless you miss the call. Again, this feature is available only to Android users. Not only this, but various exciting other features make it worth downloading the new Truecaller Premium APK 2020 version!

Though the most simple Truecaller version is available on the play store for free, but it comes with limited features. Hence, some amount should be paid to enjoy most of the premium features for both the Premium and Gold versions. However, this article will help you in downloading Truecaller premium APK for free. 

What is TrueCaller Premium APK?

Truecaller Premium Apk is a modified or cracked version of the official Truecaller application that allows access to premium features. Some of them are who viewed my profile, no ads, unlimited call recording, and several others for free. Most of the premium and gold features can be unlocked using the Truecaller Pro APK to be safe from unwanted calls and spam texts. Some of the other advantages of this application are listed below:

  • Access to free premium features
  • Identify incoming caller ID
  • Automatic block spam calls
  • Incognito Mode
  • Access to Who viewed my profile
  • Search name and details of any number
  • Automatic blocking of Spam Messages and other Marketing Ads
  • Allowing to unlist yourself from the application

All these activities and tracking of calls can be done simply by creating your profile, mark annoying people as spam. To keep a check on who is calling on your number, and identifying the reason why a person has made a call. The world’s largest telephone directory is accessible to you from which you can easily find any number along with its owner name and his location. Apart from this, just like most of the popular messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram DM’s there is also a “Last Seen” Option on Truecaller. So, the online status of the person can be checked. No matter, if you are a beginner or expert this application is easy to use.

Truecaller Premium APK Features

  • Who Viewed my Profile

This feature of Truecaller helps you identify who is stalking you on Truecaller. It can be done in two ways- either by searching their name or number. There are no risks involved here as your details like email, address, and individual number are not visible to the user on the other end. Along with this, they will be able to send you a request only if they have a Truecaller premium version downloaded on their device. People will receive a notification as ‘Someone has viewed your profile’ when any person searches your info on Truecaller. And in this way, you can find out who is this person by just opening the notification on your mobile. 

  • Incognito Mode

Similar to the Incognito tab on Google, Truecaller Premium Version comes with a feature that proves useful in viewing any non-premium user’s profile without alerting them. Thus, it allows premium APK users to enjoy more advantages over non-premium users. There is also an easy option to control your personal information that appears public by making suitable changes in the ‘Privacy Center’ in settings. 

  • Block Incoming Phone Calls

Truecaller is one of the most used applications for call management. It allows you to access information about unknown numbers and block incoming calls that are unnecessary. The steps to block calls on iPhone:

  • Open Truecaller application,
  • Go to Spam ID and then move to My Block List.
  • Click on the plus button to add a new number to the block list.

You can block any number on Android phones:

  1. Open Truecaller application,
  2. Go to the Block tab and pick any one option from the list of choices as mentioned below to block a call. 
    1. A specific phone number
    2. Select number from call history
    3. After that, select number from recent SMS
    4. Select number from phonebook
    5. Enter a number series
  • Call Recording

Haven’t most of you thought of recording some important information during ongoing calls? However, the simple call option in Android does not allow recording access. But, downloading Truecaller Premium APK can help you out. The recording of the call content will be saved to your mobile memory. Besides, the application also comes with useful features of texting and sharing your current location on the map to help your family or friends. This will help in determining how much time you would take to reach the destination.

Not only this, but you can also use favorite emojis and dozens of multi-themed stickers during the conversation. Hence, Truecaller especially ensures the best security of users’ data, call history, contacts, messages. Also, regularly backup them on Google Drive which is the most important in today’s data world. 

  • Premium Badge

Are you an executive or a professional with some dignity in society and wants to show it out to the world too? If yes, then the premium badge feature in the Truecaller Premium version is specially dedicated to such users. This is a bonus that is free in Truecaller Mod Apk.

A premium batch appears on your caller ID, granting you a professional look that appears on the receiver’s screen. And, this becomes handy when you wish to impress your staff or friends or someone on the other end to pick your call even if they don’t have your number. 

  • Block Spam Messages

Any normal person would receive at least 3-5 spam messages on daily basis from several campaigns, License companies, etc. Hence, there is a dire need to delete all such messages because they consume your phone’s memory. So, the Truecaller Premium Apk version helps to get rid of unknown spam calls and SMS. Thus, Truecaller automatically identifies every unknown message that receives on your android and blocks them instantly. During calls, there is also a message with a red background showing ‘Spam’ to notify the receiver prior. This application can be the only dialer to download on your android device if you wish to secure it from unnecessary calls or texts from marketing agencies. 

Truecaller Premium Features - Top 8 Benefits of using this Caller Id App

How to Download Truecaller Premium APK 2020 free?

Step 1: 

Download the Truecaller premium apk version


Once you have downloaded the file, go to file manager and open it. A warning message would pop up on your screen. You should click on settings and turn on the “Allow from this source” option to grant access to the application.

Step 3:

Now open the apk file again from the folders and your application will be installed immediately. In case, you do not come across such errors then the application will be installed directly on your device. You are all ready to enjoy the premium features of this Truecaller version!

Moreover, it is advisable to uninstall all the previous versions of Truecaller on your device before downloading MOD Truecaller. Because this will help in avoiding ‘Installation Failed’ errors. 

Final Verdict

The world today is becoming more digital than ever and the urge to be cautious while answering a call is also important. Because unknown calls from strangers and letting out your personal or banking information normally happens on phone. And people are unable to track their identity even before losing the money. Hence, to avoid all such situations, the true caller premium APK version is a boon as it allows you to enjoy free multiple features. As soon as you install a Truecaller Premium Apk, it immediately syncs all your phonebook contacts to their database. Also, the community includes around 250 million active users whose contacts are synced with Truecaller servers and this is how the technology works behind your phones.

Whenever any unknown person is calling you, this number would be stored in the huge database. So, the application shows you all the corresponding information on your phone even when you are miles away. Now, the tracking of the caller ID of unknown peoples takes place and is extremely secure while protecting your data. Such dominant features, a useful, simple interface can be accessed freely without spending prices. Therefore, we conclude that Truecaller Premium Apk could be the best call-management application to be downloaded on your phone to make sure you do not attend that spam call you always answered!

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