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Download the Crack Version of Mini Militia for free!

Mini Militia

Are you a crazy shooting enthusiast who loves to play such video games during free time? So, now you should probably start enjoying Mini Militia, or even if you have heard about it but is in search of a proper platform to download it for free. Then, we have got you covered here! 

Mini Militia Game Specifications:

Name Mini Militia Mod Apk Download
Genres Action
Version 5.3.4
Root Access No
Size 42 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Everything

 All-in-one Mod

Pro Pack Unlocked

Download Now

What is Mini Militia?

Mini Militia is a multi-player army shooting game and battle against 6 players via online gaming while the count can be increased to 12 players with the local Wi-Fi hotspot. There are several varieties of a gun to explore fighting with during an amazing match and is popular among teens or young adults. This game provides a 3rd person view of the Counter-Strike game on your smartphone. Appsomniacs LLC developed Mini Militia and was available on the play store and app store for free before procured by Miniclip.

They also developed, designed, and gave away versions like Doodle Army Boot Camp and Doodle Army. Mini Militia mod APK is a modified or cracked version of the official mini militia game to unlock premium features that include rare and epic guns, marvelous avatar outfits, countless fitness, no reload, and several other options with no cost. Some of the astonishing features that are offered by the Mini Militia MOD APK file are listed below:

  • Countless Life and enjoy being immortal throughout the battle
  • Unlimited nitro provides access to flying as per your desire
  • Amazing Weapons, outfits, guns can be unlocked
  • Earning more battle points
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Easy access to exceptional rifles like a grenade launcher
  • Become invisible with invisible mod

Features of Mini Militia (Crack Version)

Unlimited Ammo Feature

The unlimited Ammo feature applies to all mini militia mods. Generally, only a specific amount of bullets like 6 in Magnum pistol while 40 bullets in Tavor rifles is bought in a single magazine. Though all this can be upgraded but is possible only on a paid basis. However, downloading this version will let you allow enjoy the free version of the unlimited ammo feature for smooth firing. Why hassle about your bullets count in the mid of an intensive battle?

Unlimited Nitro Feature

If you have been a Mini Militia fan, you might know how precious Jetpack Nitro is throughout the game! The nitro provided by a mini militia developer is so limited that the flying does not withstand even more than 10-15 seconds. Your jetpack nitro refills as soon as you stop using nitro but takes enough amount of time to start using them again. But fear not, this version comes with unlimited nitro features and now you can constantly fly and shoot your opponent without worrying about the jetpack fuel. 

Unlocking Premium pack

A Mini Militia player would know that it takes around many battle points to open pro items like dual guns, rare and classic outfits to experience the game. However, this doodle army 2 mod APK offers all pro-pack or premium features for absolutely free of cost. So, now download this file and become a pro player while discovering the pro features during every match!

Unlocking all maps

Mini militia developers have added more than 20+ maps because it would be boring to play the whole game with just one map. But, these maps can be unlocked only when you cross a certain level, and no wonder, these levels up difficulty after each round. For eg: If you are on level 6 of Mini Militia, then you would have unlocked 6 maps. And here comes the best advantage of this cracked version wherein all the maps are unlocked during installation itself. So, there is no tension of crossing a particular level just to unlock a map and beat the opponent as fast as possible. 

How to Download Crack Version of Mini Militia?

Step 1: 

There are several MOD for Mini Militia and you can download your favorite one.

Step 2: 

Once you finish downloading the application, you should grant it permission to run the game smoothly on your device. You should navigate to your file manager and open the mini militia mod file and allow permission by clicking the ‘Setting’ option. 

Step 3:

Now, click on the ‘Allow from this source’ choice from the menu that pops on your screen.

Since this is the first time, you are installing an application from an outside source, it shows a warning message otherwise this doesn’t happen in general. You can move ahead with your installation if no such message appears. 

Step 4: 

Run your newly downloaded Mini Militia Mod game to win a fierce battle between you and an opponent. 

Different Mini Militia Mod APK versions


GOD MOD APK download will help you become indestructible in Mini Militia. It is considered one of the best options to earn more points during a fierce battle. Battle points later can be used to purchase items from an in-game store. This mini militia mod apk comes with adequate score points and unlocking of pro pack features as discussed above in detail. You can easily beat the enemies with this mod. However, it won’t be long fun to play in this mod because other gamers will come to know about the hacked version of your game. 

2. Mega Mod APK

Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk is a completely cracked version of Mini Militia with unlimited access to ammo, grenades, health, and nitro. This version differs from God mod only in terms of smoke color, interface layout, and others. Mega MOD offers a One-Shot Kill feature wherein you can kill your enemies just by shooting a single bullet. For any signal shot weapon, it takes nearly 5-6 accurate shots to beat the opponent. But another big disadvantage is that other players will understand you are using some hacked versions of the game. 

3. Unlimited Health Mod

Just like the name, this mod offers you unlimited health throughout the game. This is the most basic but unrated mod of Mini militia and you will always be immortal no matter you lose the life. Again, as discussed in the above version drawbacks, once the opponent finds out you are using an unlimited health mod the game loses all its interesting matches. Hence, this version is suitable if you are playing this game with a bunch of online players. There is no access to unlimited nitro but infinite ammo and health are existing. 

4. Wall Hack MOD

Wall Hack MOD allows you to fly through the walls and no-one can kill you if you are hiding inside the wall. Another major advantage is that you can easily spot all the players and then shoot them. Your guns and armor will float through the walls as soon as you kill someone.

This wallhack Mini Militia mod will be useful in Capture The Flag (CTF) mode wherein you need to assemble as many possible opponents flag to your area. 

5. Invisible MOD APK

Who doesn’t wish to be invisible and accomplish so many things? And so this version is dedicated to such crazy user, who want to become invisible and beat their opponents in the match. You will become a ghost of mini Militia and other players won’t be able to see you. But you can see all other players and ultimately kill them as chances fall. There is also an option of creating your invisible mod by editing the original doodle army 2 games in APK Editor. You can enjoy other hacks too with this mini militia ghost mod and have access to unlimited nitro, wallhacks, or unlimited health to gear up the next battle.

Steps to play Mini Militia:

  • Open the Mini Militia game on your smartphone and initially an avatar lands from the sky safely with a secondary gun. Some side shots like grenades would appear on the screen. 
  • Now, your task is to kill as many competitors or opponents as possible within a time duration of almost 6 ½ Minutes. 

There are various controls to be familiar with if you are a beginner and the following list will help you ace them! 

  • Toggling is allowed between weapons by tapping the upper-right control of the screen and reloading your weapon by clicking on the ammo key.
  • The upper right corner displays the zooming capacity of the weapon that you are currently using. It shows as long-range for snipers and shorter-range for pistol and adjacent to it contains the jetpack meter along with the life meter.
  • The upper-middle bar shows the flying capacity in blue color while the other health is shown in pink color. The lower-left side of the screen displays the circular button which regulates the action of the chosen avatar in the game.


  • Most of the special offer at least one exotic item
  • Smooth and easy controls
  • Best 2D online game
  • No annoying Advertisements.


  • Removal of Local Multiplayer
  • Problems of Crashing on Low-end devices

Final Verdict

Mini Militia offers a collection of guns from pistol to brand ones. There are a total of 18 guns as of now that vary from EMP guns shoot Electric Pulse while traveling through the wall, or Laser guns with continuous fire rate and several others. But, what if you have to unlock all the other amazing guns on the list and that too without paying a hefty amount? Then, downloading the cracked version of the MOD APK file will bore the best results. Unlock these guns and enjoy the thrilling experience of shooting your opponents!


  • Is it safe to download the cracked version of Mini Militia MOD APK?

It is safe to download and play this hacked version of Mini Militia on your device. You can enjoy the game more than giving you an extra experience than the original game.

  • Are all the premium products included in this version?

You need to download Mini Militia MOD APK to enjoy most of the premium and unlimited access to Ammo, Nito, invisibility, etc as discussed in the article. 

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