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GTA vice city APK mod | Outline | Controls | Game Strategies

GTA vice city APK mod

GTA vice city APK mod is an action-based game. Notably, the game is full of adventures and daring experiences. It was launched in 2002 by North Eveloped Rockstar. However, there is four main entry in the game. Significantly, the version is the fourth version of the game. In fact, it is a fictional Vice City-based in Miami. This all started with a single-player, “mobster Tommy Vercetti’s”. He was prisoned due to the drug deal case. However, If the user is responsible, they can build to seize powers.

Additionally, they can build their empires. GTA theft III was launched in 2001 and was set by 1986. Significantly, Users are single players.

It is believed that the rise to power after his release. Also, this was his first from prison and being caught up in an ambushed drug deal. Further, players, with time, gain their empires and organizations in the city. Notably, the game is available on iOS, Play stations, Xbox. Additionally, it is present in Windows, Mac OS, etc. The game is well beautiful updated, and also is themed well. That is to say; the game is well-liked. GTA offers both Solo and Multiple player modes. Notably, it has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Also, the game is rated 4.2 out of 5. The 7.0 or above Android version is used for the game. Vice City gained huge praises for its music, game consoles and theme.

Particulars for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mod

     Name  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mod Apk
   Version 1.09 (Latest Version)
 Updated       on  February 10, 2019
Download    size  1003.64 MB
 Offered         by  Rockstar Games
Launched     on  6, December, 2012
 Rated for 18+ individuals
 Google Play       link
Cost Free of Cost
Category Action-adventure


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GTA initiated a lot of controversies and issues. It depicts violence, racial discrimination, lawsuits. Consequently, all this leads to devastating mindsets. As a result, the game is locked for individuals below 18 years. Hence, those below 18 years cannot access it without parental permission. Despite this, in 2002, more than 17.5 million copies of the game were sold. It is considered to be an admirable title to the game. Additionally, the game has won the award for “Game of the Year”. The game has also gained many ports to many gaming platforms. Also, in 2012, an intensified version of Vice City was launched. This was the mobile version for the GTA’s tenth anniversary.

GTA features dubbed 8,000 dialogue lines. It is four times the amount in GTA III. Notably, it has about 90 minutes of cut-scenes. Additionally, it offers nine hours of music and 113 songs and advertisement. The team accepted the challenge to enhance the soundtrack! Certainly, they managed it well.

GTA’s Outline

GTA game has a main character named “Tommy Vercetti”. Tommy and Ken( his friend) are involved in drug deals. Consequently, they are caught and imprisoned for 15 years. All the drugs-related activities occur in Miami, Florida. However, someone gets to know all this. Further, the deal is informed to the crime department. They steal all the money and drugs.

So now, Tommy’s goal is to recover all his money and drugs as well. He faces all the dangers and takes risks. Additionally, he plans and undergoes a lot of adventure. Finally, he retrieves all the money and drugs. However, Vercetti kills several other criminals and gangsters. GTA sets perfect for the people 1980s mindset.

GTA’s Features

Adorable illustration

The game is themed in GTA: Vice City mod APK. Therefore, it is highly compressed. It facilitates better image quality, and the graphics are just amazing!  It certainly has better quality as compared to the original one. Also, the characters and surroundings are improved. Users can set the resolutions as per their preferences. Additionally, it supports higher resolution as well.

All you need is to download GTA Vice City. Now, join the world of Adventure.

Definite Targets

Now, the aim of the weapons is also updated. So, the characters have better command over the weapons with low recoils. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto MOD is tailored with firing and targeting options.

Self-designed controls

Players can set the game controls according to their choices. Additionally, the controls are now much better and easy to use. Notably, the Android version of GTA – Vice City APK offers better services.

Numerous Rousing Operations

The main priority is finishing up the missions. The main focus is to complete the ongoing mission. Further, players aren’t allowed to collaborate for missions. Initially, the operations are easy and gradually, the difficulty level changes. Besides, the time duration will also increase. In addition, thrilling operations are available alongside. So the players gain money after Fulfilling the tasks.

Many Languages

The game supports many eminent languages. It supports English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish. Additionally, the game facilitates many other languages. Thus, it provides a better gaming platform. Consequently, Players opt for their preferred languages and enjoy the game.

Predetermined Bugs

Now, all the glitches and bugs have vanished from the game. As a result, the game runs smoothly and error-free. Notably, it is virus and malware threat free. Consequently, the game is totally secure to be used.


GTA: Vice City mod APK also supports the MoGa Wireless Game Controller. Additionally, it is concord to many USB gamepads.

GTA’s Gameplay

The game is an open-world format based. One can finish the missions and explore the in-game regions too. It is very easy to kill, to loot or steal, and to mock the cops. Additionally, a broad range of arms and amusements are available. Furthermore, players can perform some serious stunts.

As a result, more money can be earned. The latest Vice City also offers new and updated maps. Hence, the game has new areas and vehicles.

In the story, Tommy meets several characters from different gangs. As the player finishes operations for different gangs, the other gang members will often defend the player. On the other hand, rivals will recognize the player. As a result, they shoot on sight. Additionally, it can be noticed they other than fulfilling the missions, players also get engaged in other activities. The activities include vigilante mini-game ( a kind of firefight), a paramedic and taxi cab service. As a result, the players are given specific rewards accordingly.

Notably, Tommy builds his criminal empire, and the player may purchase numerous properties. However, a few of them are as additional hideouts, where weapons and vehicles can be collected. Also, a variety of businesses can be purchased alongside. This may be a pornographic film studio, a taxi company, and several entertainment clubs.

Every commercial property has a number of missions alongside it. It can be like eliminating competition or stealing apparatus. Once the player has completed all the missions, the property turns to be an ongoing income.

Commercial Success

The Vice City sold about 500,000 copies within 24 hours of its release. After two days, 1.4 million copies were sold. Consequently, it turned out to be the quickest selling game in history. In 2002, it was the highest-selling game in the USA. Further, more than 5.97 million units if the games were sold by 2004.

Further, in 2006, more than 7 million copies of GTA were sold. Consequently, it earned $300 million exclusively in the USA only. By 2008, 17.5 million units of GTA was sold worldwide. It turned to be the best-selling PlayStation 2 games.


Undoubtedly, GTA is the best game of all time. Certainly, one can’t get bored with it. Notably, the mod APK is absolutely free of cost. It is reliable and easy to handle. For the original version, one has to pay on Google Play Store. This is to say that all the features are available with some extra modifications. Additionally, there is no need to pay even a single penny to snatch all these things!

Steps to Download the Game

Follow the steps given below and reach the world of thrill and excitement.

1.) Firstly, reach the below link and Download the GTA Vice City APK file.

2.) Further, install the GTA: Vice City Apk on your Android device.

3.) Secondly, you need to do is copy and paste the file at location Android> Obb.

4.) Now, open the GTA VICE CITY APK on your Android Device.

Finally, GTA VICE CITY is installed successfully.

FAQs related to GTA

What is the latest version for GTA Vice City?

The latest version of GTA Vice City is 1.09.

What is the size and cost of GTA Vice City?

The size of GTA Vice City is 1003.64 MB. Additionally, the game is free to cost so people are free to download it.

Is it safe to use on the devices?

Yes, it definitely is. The game comes bugs and glitches free. Also, it is free from malware and other viruses.

Is vice city a real place?

It is all fiction. The City is in Florida, United States. Notably, it is termed as the City of Vice.

Does the game provide other languages to facilitate?

Yes, it does. GTA offers numerous languages to interact with. The prominent languages like English, Chinese, German, Italian, etc., are available.

How are the game’s graphics and designs?

The GTA has a fantastic illustration, and the quality is also admirable. Players can set the resolution as per their choices.

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