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Among Us Mod APK

 Among Us Mod APK is a game with a distinctive game console. The game has a space-based theme. Notably, the game is amongst the Crew members and the pretender. Four to ten players have to group and compete in each game. Additionally, they are provided a map. Significantly, the game aims to complete the tasks with the mates. Also, the players have to smash out all the Impostors. However, the pretenders damage in-game systems and create complete disorder. They are the real SOBs.

Details about Among us Mod APK

    Name  Among Us Mod APK
  APK Version   2020.11.17
 Updated on  November 2020
Download size 71 Mb
  Offered by  Innersloth LLC
Launched on  15, June, 2018
  Rated for 7+ individuals
Google Play link
Cost Subscription required
Android Support  Yes

Features of Among Us Mod APK

Amazing Graphics

The graphics of the game are not so advanced or highly rated. Despite this, they are simple and sober. Additionally, the illustration is cute and well portrayed to the Space view. Consequently, it is very beautiful all around herein. Also, the characters are well designed. They are unique and distinguishable. As a result, it is convenient to identify them.

Visible Ghosts

Notably, the game has ghosts as well. The Ghosts are visible in the mod apk version. They can’t hide from us. Additionally, the chats can be accessed.

Wall Hack Feature

This feature allows for tracking the activity of other players. Significantly, this can be done with any object or wall.

Unlimited Money

Players can get a lot of cash with the download of the game.

Instant kill Hack feature

This feature is really helpful for the impostors. This is to say, with this feature, all the other Crewmates can be smashed. The mates don’t even get to know this. Notably, within a fraction of time, they all are finished off.

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