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PS 5: How is the Sony’s Latest Dashboard?

The PlayStation 5, known as PS5, is a home video game console. PS5 is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Declared in 2019, PS5 is the successor to the PlayStation 4 which released in November 2020. However, by the end of 2020, 4.5 million PS5 were sold. It has a CPU of custom 8-core AMD Zen 2. Also, the variable frequency is up to 3.5 GHz. The PS5 holds the memory of 16 GB GDDR6 SDRAM.

The platform was launched in two variants. Firstly, a base model with an Ultra HD Blu-ray-compatible optical disc drive. Secondly, a Digital Edition lacking this drive. This serves as a lower-cost model for those who buy games through digital download. The PS5 consists of a solid-state drive, customized for high-speed data streaming. It enables significant enhancements in storage completion. In addition, the hardware accelerated ray tracing for realistic lighting and reflections. The Tempest Engine allowing for hardware-accelerated 3D audio effects.

Development of PS5

Mark Cerny, the lead architect of PlayStation, implemented a two-year feedback cycle. This was done after the launch of PlayStation 4. So, he constantly visited Sony’s first-party developers. Then, he found out the concerns with shortcomings in Sony’s current hardware. Further, they worked on how to improve the console.

Hardware for PS5

PS5 works on a custom system chip (SoC). It was designed in Tandem by AMD and Sony. The integration between a custom 7 nm AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores was done. It functioned at a variable frequency capped at 3.5 GHz. Moreover, this integrated CPU is also custom unit based. It operates on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture. The integrated GPU is also a custom unit. This is based on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture.

The console has 16 GB of GDDR6 SDRAM with a peak bandwidth of 448 GB/s. However, it integrates with Bluetooth 5.1 and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6). Both the CPU and GPU are monitored by a special boost system. This incorporates AMD’s SmartShift technology.

Software for PS5

Sony identified the PlayStation 5’s redesigned user interface as “accessible and informative”. The interface provides real-time updates of friends’ activities, available multiplayer activities. It also informs about single-player missions and rewards. The Control center is divided into two sections. Firstly, the upper portion is a row of cards suggesting actions. The actions are based on the current game or recent actions such as a group chat. Secondly, the lower portion of the Control center contains a customization horizontal row.

PS5 Games

Every PS5 console comes pre-installed with Astro’s Playroom. It is a game designed to serve. It reveals the Dual sense controller. Games are not region-locked. So, games purchased in one region can be played in all regions.

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