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What is SoundCloud? All about its starter, features and subscription!

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform. It is a music sharing website headquartered in Berlin and Germany. It enables users to upload, spread and share audio. Additionally, it allows DSP enabling listeners to watch a video. It was started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. SoundCloud has turned to be the largest music streaming services. Moreover, it reached over 175 million monthly users worldwide. However, the website is free, and membership availed.

As of 2019, the website had 1,262 employees. The website has made an impact on the music industry. Many of the artists have gained success through this website. This website has gained support from many investors. However, SoundCloud has funding problems. They have terminated many employees to remain safe.

SoundCloud Start off

The streaming platform was established in Berlin in 2007. It basically intended the access musicians to collaborate. Musicians can share and discuss their recordings. Though, they can convert them to a publishing tool.

Moreover, the domination of Myspace was challenged by SoundCloud. In 2004, SoundCloud collected €2.5 million. These were the funds provided by Hanson Technology Ventures. However, by 2019, the streaming platform had 1 million users. Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures funded US$10 million to SoundCloud. SoundCloud reported having 15 million users in 2012.

Consequently, site usage increased by 1.5 million users per month. SoundCloud reported reaching over 175 million global users in 2019. By January 2020, a 75 million US-Dollar investment by Sirius XM was announced.

Features of SoundCloud

The key features include the ability to access uploaded files through URLs. Further, it allows sound files to be placed on Twitter and Facebook. Although, the SoundCloud app is required to play a track within Facebook. The users can listen to audios without any margin. It also allows to upload up to 180 minutes of audio, free of cost. Users can add widgets to their social networks.

Further, SoundCloud will automatically tweet every track uploaded. Also, playlists can be linked to the playback page. Their website uses adaptive web design with dynamic serving. It provides the mobile page resembling their mobile app user interface.


SoundCloud Pro Edit

A musician can avail of premium services under the banner SoundCloud Pro. This allows them to upload up to six audios. Additionally, they can disable comments with this premium. The Pro unlimited grade allows unlimited uploads.

SoundCloud Go Edit

This service offers an ad-free experience, offline playback, and integrates licensed music. However, the initial service library is shorter than those of its closest competitors.

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