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What all did it took to start off YouTube Music

YouTube, in collaboration with Google, developed “YouTube Music”. It is a music streaming service. Notably, it provides a modified interface for service-oriented music streaming. Thus, allowing users to scan songs and videos on YouTube. The content is based on genres, playlists, and recommendations. However, it also offers an exclusive tier to its users. This enables Ad-free playback, audio background playback and downloading songs. The Google Play and YouTube Premium subscribers can also avail these facilities. In 2020, the services were replaced by Google’s leading brand.

History of YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app was officially released in 2015. However, alongside YouTube, Red was also launched. Red consists of a more extensive subscription service of the YouTube platform. However, the app is designed for users who use music through YouTube. By 2018, YouTube declared the new version of the YouTube Music service.

Additionally, it includes a web based desktop player. The service was redesigned as a mobile app. It is more dynamic based on various factors. YouTube Music uses Google artificial intelligence technology to search for songs. Moreover, YouTube Music turned out to be a segregate subscription service. The YouTube Music subscription is priced to be US$9.99 per month.

YouTube Music achieved its various sponsorship tie-ups with Dick Clark Productions to serve as a partner for the Television special. Further, YouTube Music was available on Google Assistant smart speakers in 2019. Additionally, it featured limited Ad-supported playback for non-subscribers. This feature was available for users to some restricted countries.

Features of YouTube Music

The music available is of the mainstream artists releases. Additionally, it also consists of the video categorized as music on the YouTube service. Initially, YouTube Music was controlled in parallel to Google Play Music. Further, this feature was removed by the end of 2020. The developers wanted to reach feature parity with Google Play Music before migrating users to it. However, it is still not achieved.

Subscription and earthly presence

The first most tier accesses the songs in their video version. The premium one plays official songs of the album. However, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium subscribers can switch to an audio-only mode. Additionally, non-subscribers can not avail of the audio-only mode with background play. This is to say, plans are also available in individual and family variants. A family plan allows up to six members from the same house to access features. Also, eligible students can obtain a discount on an individual plan.

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