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Tik Tok is a video sharing social networking service owned by a Chinese company “ByteDance”. In China, “Douyin” is the name for TikTok. TikTok is an amazing platform to create short videos. One can create videos of genres like dance, comedy, education. However, the video duration is about 3 seconds to 1 minute. TikTok is the international name for “Douyin”.

In 2016, TikTok was released. Further, TikTok was launched for iOS and Android in 2017. Basically, TikTok allows users to film their videos. A database of sound bytes, songs or effects can enhance videos at a users creative whim. Customarily, videos involve lip-syncing or acting out comedy sketches. However, the only limitation is one’s imagination. More than 1 billion people downloaded the TikTok application. It counts 500 million active users per month. On average, users spend 52 minutes on Tik Tok daily. The app is popular among teenagers, and 41% of TikTok users are aged 16–24. TikTok makes a revenue of about $50 billion.

Features and Tools

TikTok not only allows users to create videos but gives access to messaging as well. We can upload videos as per our preferences. We can also crop, rotate and manage the speed. Users may give the desired effects by applying an impressive toolset. A variety of filters are also available on TikTok. There are also many stickers, animations, slow-motion effects, and masks. TikTok also provides the Live streaming feature. Creators can go live and can interact with other users.

The users can give their responses by likes and comments. TikTok allows video sharing on other Social networking sites. TikTokers can create videos by adding favourite songs as background music. Creators can use the #duetwithme hashtag and ask other users to duet with them.

Controversies and Legal issues

Some users find it difficult to stop using TikTok. So, in 2018, an addiction-reduction feature was added to Douyin. This encouraged users to take a break every 90 minutes. However, this feature was removed for TikTok. Few top influencers encourage viewers to stop using the app and take a break. Many of the countries have also shown their concerns about the quality of content. They are considered obscene, immoral, vulgar. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia have issued blocks and warnings.

Consequently, various countries have imposed bans on the video-sharing service TikTok. India and The U.S. expressed concerns about the app’s ownership by the Chinese company ByteDance. They have attempted to ban it from app stores.

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