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“You” is an American psychological thrilling television series featuring Greg Berlanti and Sarah Gamble. Warner Horizon television produced this series in association with Alloy Entertainment and A&E Studios. The series has two seasons. Both the series are composed of 20 seasons. However, The first season is based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes. The story depicts a bookstore manager Joe, a serial killer, who falls in love with a customer. Notably, he develops a toxic obsession with her. Additionally, the second season portrays Joe after he moves to Los Angeles. Besides, he falls in Love with a local heiress.

The series was premiered on Lifetime in the United States. Then it streamed on Netflix internationally in 2018. Initially, the series attracted a limited audience. Further, it gained the success of 43 million viewers for the first season on Netflix. In 2019, the second season was released, and it’s turned to be a huge success. Although, the upcoming third season is awaited to be released by 2021.

Series’ Premises

Season 1

In the first season, the story revolves around Joe Goldberg, a book store manager. He resides in New York and is kind of a serial killer. He falls in Love with Guinevere Beck, a writer. Joe turns infatuated with her. Further, he uses Social media to feel track her. The manager sustains his toxic obsession by tracing her constantly. Additionally, Joe removes obstacles to their romance.

Season 2

Joe Goldberg moves to Los Angeles in season 2. Significantly, he runs away from his past and begins with a new identity. Further, he meets a avid chef Love Quinn. Consequently, he falls into his previous ways of passion and violence. Thus, Joe strives to progress the new Love in Los Angeles. Notably, he strives to make his relationship with Love succeed. He tries hard to avoid the fortune of his past romantic ventures.

Season 3: Awaited mystery

The viewers are left off with numerous questions. Though, few of the answers were fork out. By the end, Joe revealed that he had his ‘slate wiped clean by the “Quinn machine”. Effectively, this lets him off to hook for the terrible crimes he had committed.

This is to say, ‘You’ bundled up with Joe. All shacked up with his murderous girlfriend and their literal Lovechild. The whole series presents numerous threads for where things might go next. However, despite Joe seems to be getting everything that he wanted. He was not content, describing his situation with Love.

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