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Try these new features of Instagram!

Instagram is one of the frequently used social media applications. The app is also abbreviated as ‘ig’ or ‘insta’. People share their pictures and videos through this app. Instagram is officially owned by Facebook. It was designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2012. The app provides its users a ethical platform to share their content. Also, it allows the users to upload media that can be edited. Moreover, it has numerous filters and is organized by hashtags and the geographical tagging.

Instagram Startup

Instagram was first launched for iOS users in 2010. However, in 2012 it was available for android users as well. Initially, the app began to be developed in San Francisco. It was kind of mobile check in application. Soon, the developers found it same as Burbun. Consequently,  Kevin and Mike concentrated to enhance it as photo sharing platform. Hence, the application was named as “Instagram”, a portmanteau of instant camera and messaging.

New Features and Tools for 2021

Instagram provides a wide range of tools and facilities to its users. The app updates are available often. As a result, the features and tools get better day by day. One of the most frequently used features of Instagram is “Hashtag”. Users mostly use hashtags to make their posts and content more fitter.

Recently Deleted feature

These days, “Recently Deleted feature” is also available on users’ demands. This feature helps in reinstalling the deleted content. It also serves as a protection from hackers.

Professional Dashboard

Instagram started its 2021 with a fresh start. That is to say, a new feature of “professional dashboard” was made familiar. This feature best works to keep a track on professional growth. It proves best for all business and creator accounts on Instagram.

Contributory Instagram Reels

The trendy and most amazing feature of ig are its “Reels”. It is similar to “Tik Tok” but allots better quality. One can act, sing and create an adorable short content video. Reels also contribute to business development. Creators can adds tags to their Reels. They can also show that they are paid to promote the products.

The power of Instagram Live

“Ig Live” works within Instagram Stories and allows users to broadcast live videos to other users on the platform. This considerable feature allows easy interaction amongst the users. With this, users can promote their business and content in a effective manner. This feature is also helpful for youth. The famous personalities mostly share their experiences using Live sessions. Also, the Live viewers can send their queries within the Chat box.

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