Rapper Meek Mile: what is his net worth of this professional rapper

Robert Rihmeek Williams, also known as a Meek Mile, is an American rapper. He is well-liked for his songwriting and rapping skills. He embarked on his career as a battle rapper and later formed a short-lived rap group, “The Bloodhounds.” His first album, “Dreams & Nightmares” peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200.

Meek Mile’s Early life

Meek Williams was born to Kathy Williams on May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia. He has an older sister Nasheena Williams. Kathy Meek’s sister lost her husband too. Then, Kathy and Meek moved to North Philadelphia, where they lived in a three-bedroom apartment on Berks Street. Their financial condition was poor, and his sister started doing jobs and shoplifting to support her family. 

As a kid, Meek was shy and rarely spoke. In 1980, meek was highly impressed with rap artists Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Meek’sThey influenced meek’s interest in Hip-Hop. He was also influenced by the independent hip-hop artists Chic Raw and Vodka. During his teenage, he often took part in rap battles under the pseudonym.

 Meek Mile’s Career

In the Mid 2000s, Meek started releasing his mix-tapes. Then in 2007, he first got public attention with the mix-tape “Flamerz.” Then, he got T.I.s Grand Hustle Records and Warners Records’ attention by “Flamerz 2 – hottest in the City”. In 2012, Meek announced his own Record label, Dream Chaser Records, named after his Mix-tapes series.

In 2015, his second album, “Dreams Worth More than Money,” hit number one on all three charts. His third album, in 2017, “Win or Loses,” reached number 2 on the Rap and Hip hop/ R&B charts.

Meek Mile’s Net worth

According to the reports, Net worth of Meek Mill is $20 Million. Meek also rented a mansion in Beverly Hills for about $35000. The mansion is very luxurious with all the facilities.

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