Hold on thrill and violence of Joker 2!

Joker 2 is a perfect thrilling sequel of Joker Film, which hits the concept of kindness and humanity. The movie revolves around a party Clown named Arthur Fleck. The clown suffers from a medical disorder that makes him laugh at inappropriate situations. All this leads Arthur to some kind of violence and disturbance within him.

Joker 2 Hypothesis

Joker movie casts Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur. He faces a turning point in his life and goes on a violent run. He enjoys the power of killing people, and violence makes him happy. The movie’s big concern is that Arthur is a bit much similar to those who carry out mass acts of violence. In some way, the film makes incapable people feel more permitted to commit violence and harm society.

Joker became one of the most successful box office films and set records for release. It grossed for above $1 billion, turning to be the sixth largest grossing film of 2019. The movie budget was of $55 to $70 million. The movie received numerous accolades and earned more than 11 nominations. Above all, Joaquin Phoenix has been nominated for Oscar Award for his role as Arthur in the Joker movie. He also won a Golden Globe award for this movie.

The British Neuro criminologist also appreciated this movie as the film accurately depicts the psychology of a murderer. On the other hand, some writers have expressed their violent concern. They feel Joker’s sympathetic portrayal of a homicidal maniac could inspire real-world violence.

Other updates on Joker 2

Initially, all the signs pointed that there would be no such sequel to the Joker movie. Todd Phillips, the co-writer and director, revealed that they didn’t have any plans for the sequel. Later, it was confirmed that the team is working on another part of the movie. The script of the film is partially ready. It is being awaited to be released in October 2021. However, there can be a delay in release in the movie due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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