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Google Voice: The Modern and trendy telephone service

“Google Voice” is a telephone facility provided by Google. It facilitates call forwarding and voice mail. Also, it allows voice and text messaging and international call termination. This service is for Google Account customers in the USA, launched it in 2009.

Further, the company has gained service “GrandCentral.” Google LLC develops the feature and Voice issues the user chooses a U. S. telephone number. The number is in selected area codes. However, calls to this number are forwarded to the numbers configured in the account web portal.

Additionally, various destinations have specified that ring for incoming calls. Further, the service initiation needs a U.S. number. Notably, only the numbers registered in the web portal can interact.

U.S. and Canada Google Account customers can only access call termination services. However, this is done with the unification with Google Hangouts. Voice imparts no direct phone support contact number. But users can access the Google Voice Help Center FAQ. Further, use the free Google Groups official Google Voice product forum for support.

Features of Google Voice:

Google Voice permits International calling with rates at US$0.01 per minute. Users can switch to another number for a amount. Further, one can port the mobile number for a fee. Also, the current phone number can be specified in place of the Google Voice number. Use of a Voice mail system is available for users.

Caller ID Edit

For outgoing calls, Voice uses the Google Voice number as the CLID. This is done when the web-oriented account portal is used to make a call.

Mobile phone applications Edit

For Android and iOS, Voice works on its own. Additionally, it makes outgoing calls and messages using Voice facilities. However, the facilities for messages beyond the USA are not available. In 2020, Google intentionally stoped the Interior texts. Consequently, to reintroduce the services.

Linking with Gmail and Google Talk

During Beta testing of Google Voice, Gmail labs offered an add-on. Thus, users can listen to Voice mail messages. Gmail users in U. S. and Canada can make Gmail calls. Significantly, the calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers are free. However, the cost to International terminus starts at 1 cent for a minute. Also, Voice and video chats are possible for web browsers.

Limitations to Voice:

This is to say that Voice does not offer emergency Calling. Users can not place or receive emergency service calls. It allows receiving worldwide. But, texting can be done only to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada.

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