Bing: All you need to know about this Search Engine!

“Microsoft Bing” or “Bing ” is a Microsoft owned web search engine. Its the origin of Microsoft’s previous search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. Bing provides users the variety of search services. These services include web, video, image, etc. It is developed using Microsoft’s ASP.NET  (Active Server Pages) technology. However, it is a bit similar to Google, but has few varying features. Bing was unveiled by Microsoft’s former CEO “Steve Ballmer”. However, in 2018, Bing grew to be the third largest search engine globally. The query volume for Bing 4.58%, behind Google too.

Commencement of Bing Era

Initially, Microsoft launched MSN search services to the users. Later, windows Live Search replaced MSN in 2006. Within a year, Microsoft Live Search was succeeded by Live Search. Subsequently, Bing was re-branded as all the above Search engine services by 2009. The name “Bing” was adopted thought focus groups. This is to say, that the name is short, easy to speel and memorable. Consequently, the name would function well as a URL around the world. The Chinese name for Bing is “bì yìng”. In 2009, Bing in collaboration with yahoo made a ten-year deal. The deal was that Yahoo! search engine would be replaced by Bing. Also, retaining the Yahoo! user interface.

Bing Features

Bing offers a numerous features. This includes Interface features, Media features, Instant answers, local info and Bing Predicts. The background of the Bing changes daily, mostly of locations. There is the facility of video thumbnail and preview. The image Search is also  available as per the preferences in size. Users can avail instant answers according to their needs. Bing also had the local info feature. This is helpful to get information of the surrounding. Moreover, Bing permits to third party integration. Users can access their social media network , such as, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Bing’s Market Share

In the beginning, the market share for Bing was low. In 2011, the market share for Bing hit high to 12..8%. Consequently, Bing beat Yahoo! for the first time with 4.37% search share. However, in 2015, market share of Bing declined. Nonetheless, Bing was the third largest search engine in the USA in 2019, with a query volume of 4.58%.

Bing’s Search Deals

Bing was included in the list of Opera Browser Search engines. Later, Mozila Firefox and Microsoft Bing jointly released “Firefox with Bing”. Subsequently, Google was replaced by “Firefox with Bing” as the default search engine. Also, Microsoft paid Verizon Wireless US$550 million. This led Bing to be the default search provider on Verizon’s BlackBerry as well.


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