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The wireless Era of Apple Airpods!

Airpods are Bluetooth earbuds which work wireless. They are designed and developed by Apple Inc. They were first released on December 13, 2016. However, 2nd generation airpods were launched in 2019. They are Apple’s entry-level wireless headphones. Airpods are sold alongside AirPods pro and Airpods Max. Soon, they became Apple’s most popular accessory, which further gained a huge success and viral sensation.

Airpods have dual beam-forming microphonesand dual optical sensors. Moreover, they have a inbuilt microphone to filter the background noise. Airpods allow phone calls and talking to Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. The 2nd generation AirPods feature the H1 chip. They support longer talk time, and hands-free “Hey Siri” support. In addition, optional wireless charging case is also provided.

1st generation Airpods

The 1st generation Airpods have exclusive Apple W1 SoC processor. It helps in optimizing battery use. Also, it processes the Bluetooth 4.2 connection. They avail audio connection too. Airpods also function as standard Bluetooth headphones. They can be connected  devices supporting to Bluetooth 4.0. There are two microphones in each AirPod. Firstly, one at ear level, facing outward. Secondly, the another at the bottom of the stem. Besides, each AirPod contains a 93 milli watt hour battery in its stem. The charging case contains a 1.52 watt hour battery. Further, 2 generation Airpods were launched.

2nd generation Airpods

The 2nd generation Airpods are similarly designed to 1st generation Airpods. But, they are updated version of 1 generation Airpods. Despite, they include an H1 processor which supports hands-free “Hey Siri”. Airpods also support Bluetooth 5 connectivity. Apple claims them to have 50% more talk time. Also, they provide faster device connection times. Further, “Announce Messages with Siri” was added in iOS 13.2. This allows Siri to dictate and reply to text messages. They have the same charging case as of 1st generation.

Airpods’s Condemnation

This is to say, that the popularity for Airpods grew rapidly over the years. Soon, they were voted the most popular “hearable” brand of 2019. The only criticism of AirPods is their high price. Moreover, at launch they were actually priced less than most “true wireless” earbuds. They remain competitively priced with other major brands. Another condemnation  is the problem that caused the charging case battery. It is to deplete at a rapid rate despite the AirPods not being used. Users were reporting upwards of 30% idle discharge per day. As for sound quality, SoundGuys gives the AirPods a rating of 7.3/10. They confess that consumers likely would not buy AirPods. In case, they want the best sound quality earphones.



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