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Shenmue 4 Likely Happening According To Yu Suzuki!!

Shenmue III is a 2019 action-adventure game developed by Ys Net and published by Deep Silver for Windows and PS 4 And it was produced by Shibuya Productions. Like the previous set of Shenmue games, it consists of open-world environments scattered with brawler encounters and quick-time events.  

Shenmue 3 was extremely envisioned in the build-up to its 2019 release and this was mainly because of the legacy of its open-world antecedents and a strong crowdfunding campaign.

According to an IGN Japan interview translated by VGCYu Suzuki strongly believes a Shenmue 4 will be happening, but it will not be similar to Shenmue 3. Shenmue 3, that’s released in 2019, was the long-awaited series to the standard RPG Shenmue 2, with a small 18-year gap between the two games. Driving up to its release, it achieved 70,000 Kickstarter backers, but had an obscure debut, selling just 18,000 copies in Japan throughout its launch, the first week. And recently, Shenmue 3’s publisher described it as a core niche game that is not meant for mass-market. 

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Shenmue 4 Is Happening

Suzuki, the sequels’ creator, spoke to IGN Japan about his confidence that a Shenmue 4 will happen, but will appeal to an extremely broader audience. With Shenmue 3, I’ve created a game for all the fans, but if I hold the opportunity to make Shenmue 4 – and I think I will – I know how to satisfy erratic users, so I want to make a game that everyone can be satisfied with,” he states. 

“With Shenmue 3, I responded to the fans’ voices, so I was not significantly thinking about making any capital. But since I am running a company, I have to think about what can sell if I continue. I’ve been seriously talking about it over & over again.”

In terms of characteristics that would help Shenmue 4 have broad appeal, Suzuki discussed a few things, including better fast travel options, quest markers, and the option to time-skip as well as a legible user interface. 

What Would the Sequel Cover?

Nevertheless, it should be seen that Shenmue’s story is uncovered. Shenmue 3, the original sequel in 18 years, infamously dropped on a cliff-hanger. It was criticized for not improving the overall narrative. Season 1 won’t comprise three games’ worth of events and will likely adopt the first game.


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