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BioShock Infinite 4 Announced Through 2K Games!! Did the Game End?

BioShock Infinite – a first-person shooter video game developed by Irrational Games and was published by 2K Games. It was released globally for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, and OS X platforms in 2013, and in 2015, a Linux port was released.

Finally, 2K has come out to admit that BioShock 4 is in development. It’s been 6 long years since the last BioShock game, doubled the time among each of the other three games in the list. After the one internal cancellation and reboot, BioShock 4 is now correctly on its way. It was in Dec. 2019 that 2K declared the name of the studio working on the game. The press release did not give any news on the game itself, thus we are mostly down to consideration and waiting. 

When is the announcement for BioShock 4?

Unfortunately, it’s way too early to be discussing dates. The formation of 2K studio developing BioShock 4 was recently announced, but even though we can expect it is entered full production already, we have no idea what stage the game is in as of now. We’ll be right back when there’s a word out, Stay tuned right here!!

2K formed a new studio to work on BioShock 4

Although talks about BioShock’s next sequel game had been wandering for about a year prior, we eventually got confirmation of its continuation when publisher 2K declared the formation of the new studio Cloud Chamber. 

Zhykionn’s leak alleged that this would be a cross-generation title. But if BioShock 4 is releasing in 2021 or later, it will be available only on PC, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X. There is no notice of a PC version for the game, but observing as every game in this series has been available on Windows, the 4th section probably will be too. There has been no information on Google Stadia or Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

Is the Game on Next-Gen systems?

In August 2020, Job listings noticed do make it plain that the game is being developed for next-gen systems, further casting a PlayStation4 and Xbox One release is yet uncertain.

The BioShock series has been inactive since 2014, but all of that changes soon. Publisher 2K Games released a new version of the franchise titled BioShock – The Collection in 2016 and made it to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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